How Best To Get Internet Network Marketing Leads

“Please advice me on how best to get internet network marketing leads. I just joined an MLM company whereby I need to introduce the business to prospect and they purchase a product before I will get my commission. How best or which way can I do this in order to be successful in the business?” Winnie from West Africa

Apparently there are many ways to get internet network marketing leads. Different network marketing gurus will claim to have their proprietary leads generation methods.

I don’t have any proprietary leads generation methods. But I do know some effective ways to get internet network marketing leads and I’m going to discuss some of them here.

1) Just Advertise

Almost all internet network marketing companies have their standard lead capture squeeze page. If your company doesn’t have one, run away from it.

The easiest way to get quick networking marketing leads is to advertise the lead capture page in ‘established’ lead generation websites.

I’ve seen many of my customers (my advertisers) getting good response using this simple method.

One warning is that if your network marketing company is a popular one, this method will not be effective. This is because the lead capture page has been overused. Fresh and interesting lead capture page usually can generate better response.

2) Create Your Own Lead Capture Page

As I said, fresh and interesting lead capture page usually can generate better response. So instead of relying on your company’s standard promotion tools, why not create your own lead capture page?

Of course, in order to create one, you need to learn copywriting, basic html etc.

3) Use Funded Proposal Concept

This is by far the BEST way to get internet network marketing leads.

The idea of funded proposal is to charge your prospect upfront before selling them the actual backend product.

If this is the first time you heard of this term, you may wonder why these prospects are so stupid. Who in the right mind will pay for something upfront knowing that they will be asked to buy other things later on?

If you have such a doubt, wait till you see the example below……

Example – A $10 Internet Marketing Course

Will you pay an ‘experience’ internet marketer $10 for a half-day course teaching you how to make money online?

Many people will.

During the course, the marketer will ‘really’ teach you some good internet marketing skills and at the same time show you a good business opportunity that he is making money with.

See the idea?

The $10 fee will help to offset for his advertising cost. These prospects are in a way paying him to sell them.

4) Give Away A Book, Audio CD or DVD

Giving away free ebook for leads generation is becoming old school. Advanced marketers are now giving away a real book, Audio CD or even DVD. The cost of production is negligible but the perceived value is much higher. The response is hence higher.

5) Brand Yourself As A Guru

You must have seen some internet network marketing gurus online. They sell products to teach you how to make lots of money from internet network marketing.

This is another typical example of funded proposal, where they sell you their products upfront and then their network marketing opportunity subsequently.

Anyone can be a guru. It all depends on how you position yourself.

19 thoughts to “How Best To Get Internet Network Marketing Leads”

  1. Yes, getting the edge over competition is necessary. Thinking out of the box pays well. Empowering people is important to build a loyal list of subscribers. Law of attraction works. So a lead capture page with list-owner’s video converts great :)
    List building is about relationship building. Network marketing is a people’s business. Products/services are just an excuse to set the money flowing. MLM is great because it provides Residual income + leveraged income. But our focus in network marketing should always be to ensure that our downline gets rich. That way we automatically get rich. Teaching downline how to teach their downline creates Duplication. And duplication is MORE important than personal recruiting in MLM. We create long-term growing income when we focus more on helping people :)

  2. In order to succeed in the MLM industry you must have a system.
    1) A good advertising system
    2) Give away free information
    3) A good sales letter. At this point you must improve your copywriting skills if you want people to join your business.

    Thank for this post Ken…

  3. I like simple way build my own leads. I do believe the concept of “viral marketing” and it is the most effective strategy to build downlines. But, I focus and concentrate to promote my leadbuilder. The result is impressive in the long run. Believe me, there is no short cut to success!

  4. Hello Kenneth, Winnie and Follow LL members,

    Great post as always Kenneth! Winnie, I have had a great deal of success in MLM and although I don’t consider myself to be a “Guru” I do know a thing or two about building a successfull MLM business.

    If I could give you any advise, it would be, learn to be of value to others. Learn to position yourself as a leader, someone that others turn to for advise and help.

    Yes this doing this, takes time but building a successfull business of anykind does not happen over night.

    Read as much as you can about marketing and promoting, simply edcuate yourself so that you can offer valuable information to others.

    Also Winnie, learn to brand and promote “Winnie” the leader not your business.

    And the last thing, build your mailing list! That old saying about the money being in the list, is so true.

    Good luck to you Winnie

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  6. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the
    point where my visits are almost daily now!

    You’re probably as big a fanatic as I am which is why I recently said…

    With this business opportunity, you will need to find an individual or company that is offering their product resell rights for sale, that you feel will be easy to sell, you need to inquire about purchasing the private label resell rights.

    Your Success,

  7. Hi Kenneth

    Great article on lead generation. I think the key to lead generation in any situation or method is to provide great value. Be it by a ebook, software, or video training in any form if it provides value or perceived value people will want it and provide a name and email address to get it.

    Once you have the prospects information it is then important to build a relationship with the prospect by providing even more value. This should be done before you try to pitch or sell them anything.

    If you take the time to do this you will find that when you do get around to selling, your conversion rates will be much higher because the people on your list will by then know and trust you.

    thank you
    Thomas Northrop

  8. The problem we always encounter in starting network marketing is we start early then we stop early, It is common for us marketers to change plans as we tend to find the goal that is much easier and productive as well. Earning income in network marketing is valuable, we must a have diversification when it comes to income. Taking risks, but have knowledge on preventing it. First we must make a good reputation, get connected to many fellow MLMers so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and sharing opinions. Like a community of MLMers, where we gathered in one place with the same interests. Why not put into consideration making friends and get connected. Like a Myspace for MLMers.

  9. Thanks Kenneth

    Great info for the newbies. I just think you $10 example is a bit conservative. I do not think the gurus will work for only $10, unless they are start ups themselves and need to make name for themselves. ( Many of the so-called gurus are newbies who follow the rule of “Fake it” ).

    Thanks again for the great info. Keep up the good work.


    1. I have advertisers charging only $5 and it works like champ. So long as you have good technical knowledge in internet marketing, you can call yourself a guru and start teaching people. There are many newbies who can’t even create a website. The idea of guru is relative. As long as you know something more than me, you can be a guru to me.

      1. Hi Kenneth.

        Point taken. I stand corrected.

        You are right. As long as they now more, they can be called gurus in their respective fields.

        Myself for instance, do not have that much technical knowledge, but I think I have enough knowledge in other areas of internet marketing ( planning, developing ideas, etc ) to get me by.

        For everything else, there’s always outsourcing if you are prepared to do some cash layout.


  10. I have a concern with your article. I agree with 4 out of the 5 points you have written about. However point 5 needs a little clarification from my perspective.

    Branding yourself as a guru, may not be the appropriate terminology. Branding yourself as a leader, an individual who knows or has more experience, may in fact be a better positioning statement.

    Winnie…just follow the strategies written above, track and test your results, and know the company you represent. That way when you contact your leads you can speak from a position of authority and leadership.

    Any other thoughts out there?

    much success and prosperity to all


  11. why is the money in the list??

    I belong to several peoples lists and never buy a thing.

    I may have inquired for something like info and gave my email.
    Or may have bought one thing but never something else.
    So the way I see it, you either have to sell the list to other marketers to make money or have multi thousands names to get any response when emailing your list

  12. Nice little outline of how to really brand yourself online. Such a simple concept like this really goes a long way in building your name in this industry.

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