Guaranteed Success In Any Advertising Campaign. Possible?

Is it possible to have guaranteed success in any advertising campaign? The answer is YES. I know this is a bold statement. Read on to find out why I say so…

You see, it is possible to have guaranteed success in any advertising campaign IF the purpose of your advertising effort is to kick start a “Snowball Effect”.

Imagine that you want to roll a small ball of snow down a snow-covered hill. As the ball rolls, it will pick up more snow, gaining more mass and surface area, hence picking up even more snow and momentum as it rolls along… Advertising is simply the action to ‘kick’ the ball.

A very effective advertising campaign simply means the kick is strong, and the ball can gain momentum faster. A poor advertising campaign simply means the kick is weak, and the ball needs more time to roll and gain momentum.

Of course, one can argue that the advertising campaign may be so weak that it fails to move the snowball at all! That is possible when you are barking up the wrong tree, which means you are promoting to the wrong target group who is not at all interested in what you are offering. That’s why knowing where to find your target audience is the first step in advertising.

Assuming you are advertising to the right target group, even if there is only one response, through repeated advertising effort, the snowball effect will eventually take place and success IS guaranteed.

What I’m telling you is not a theory. It’s the principle I have been using since 2006 and for several online businesses, and it will continue to be my main marketing strategy.

The biggest challenge in planning a successful advertising campaign is not in the advertising itself, but how to speed up the snowball effect.

Snowball effect can be accelerated in various forms. The most common one that you see in the internet marketing industry is having an affiliate program. Another form that is used by many websites nowadays is social sharing, where users are encouraged to share what they do with their friends. The natural form of snowball effect is word-of-mouth marketing, where people simply can’t help sharing your service with their friends or in the forum because it’s truly useful.

The ultimate form of snowball effect is to design your product in such a way that when users use your product, they are at the same time spreading the words for you, without needing them to do it intentionally. For example, I’ve seen an event planning site where users can manage their events, including getting people to sign up. In the process of using that service, the user will have to get the prospects to sign up through the web service. This means he is at the same time increasing the awareness of that website. Youtube, Facebook and many other social sites become so popular because of the same reason. Unfortunately, not every business can have such a feature built in. It’s your challenge to think of one that can fit into your business.

Some of you may think that it is common sense that every business should devise some form of snowball effect. But in reality, many businesses don’t. Just look around you. I’m sure you can find some businesses that rely heavily on advertising to get customers. The moment advertising stops, the product will soon be forgotten and sales will drop drastically. It’s like rolling a snowball on a flat ground. One has to keep kicking the ball (i.e. keep on advertising) in order to move it. It’s tiring.

19 thoughts to “Guaranteed Success In Any Advertising Campaign. Possible?”

  1. I think you just explain perfectly what viral marketing is so if you really want your campaigns to work then I highly suggest that you read this article. And one thing that you mentioned that I think a lot of people forget these days is word of mouth this is a very powerful snowball effect as you would call it in this article. The other thing that wasn’t mentioned though that is older than the internet is business cards. You can just pass these out at any events or gathering and once the person sees and types in the web address on the business card they will spread it through word of mouth like wild fire and business cards are very inexpensive. Well Ken thanks for another great article read well appreciated.

  2. This is something that is easy to forget, but it is True.
    The best way to grow you business if from word of mouth.
    The cheapest and best way to have your product spread.

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