Free Affiliate Link Cloaker – How To Maximize Its Potential

Today I’m going to illustrate to you how you can use LeadsLeap’s free affiliate link cloaker to do some amazing stunt! If you have not been using it, it’s time to start thinking about it.

1) Be a more professional Clickbank affiliate

A Clickbank affiliate link looks something like this:

When people click on the link, they will go to the product website that looks like this:

The “hop=yourid” is an eyesore, isn’t it?

With our free affiliate link cloaker, you can send traffic to and still get your commission.

Technically, here’s how to do it:

1) For “Original URL”, you insert
2) For “Destination URL”, you insert
3) For “Show Destination URL In Browser”, you choose Yes.

What will happen is the link cloaking system will direct traffic to the Destination URL ( directly while loading the Original URL ( in the background and get your affiliate ID cookied.

Your visitor will see in their browser. But when they make a purchase, you’ll get the commission. How is that stunt?

2) Earn affiliate commission without people clicking your affiliate link!

You may have written a review about a product but when the reader is ready to purchase the product, he may Google for the product and go direct to the salespage without clicking on your link.

Using the same feature above, you can send traffic to your review page and earn commission even if the visitors don’t click on your affiliate link!

Here’s how to do it:

1) For “Original URL”, you insert
2) For “Destination URL”, you insert
3) For “Show Destination URL In Browser”, you choose Yes.

Similar to the first case, the link cloaker will direct traffic to your review page while loading your affiliate link in the background and get your affiliate ID cookied.

So even if a visitor skip your affiliate link and go directly to the product page, you will still earn the commission!

3) Use other people’s website as your marketing tool

Often when you are blogging, social networking or posting in a forum, you may share a web resource with other people.

How about turning any web resource into your marketing tool?

For example, you may be replying to a forum thread about how to promote ebook and in your reply, you can write something like:

“I found a good blog on how to promote ebook. You can read it here.”

When people click on the link, they will come to a blog that talk about ebook promotion. You are providing a true value to the forum readers. At the same time, you have included an ad bar to the page and can direct the traffic to your product or affiliated product.

Click on the “read it here” link above to see what I mean.

In this example, I’ve used a post from LeadsLeap blog . But you can use any website as the ‘seed’ and put your ad to the page. For example, you can share a Youtube video and then put an ad bar to the page.

This is done through the AdFrame Settings in our free link cloaker (see the screenshot below). There are a couple of options in the settings. You can explore and play with the parameters on your own.

I hope that these 3 illustrations can inspire you to think of other ways to use the free affiliate link cloaker. If you’ve other ways to use this tool, feel free to share with us using the comment form below.

41 thoughts to “Free Affiliate Link Cloaker – How To Maximize Its Potential”

  1. Hey Kenneth and Fellow LeadsLeap Blog Readers,
    I’ve made sales and signups from the cloaker and all of its aspects. I’ve made sales from the cloaked link. I’ve made sales from the ad bar, AND It has brought me new LeadsLeap members as well. I noticed Kenneth forgot to mention that the ad bar also has your LeadsLeap affiliate Id in it where it says “Powered by LeadsLeap”. Thats what I like to call Triple Marketing Power! :-)

  2. Hey, this is a really good tool. Not only does it protect your affiliate links but it even lets you enter a URL that your customer sees! It works better than the Clickbank Hoplink one and it doesn’t look nearly as ugly! Thanks very much, it’ll save me a lot of money in lost commissions :-)

  3. Nice to see some clearly explained instructions for the newbies of the world.

    As an old-timer, I get so frustrated by so-called “gurus” that promise the world, only to deliver diatribes that make no common sense to the novice at all.


  4. Hi Kenneth, You told about cloaking Youtube videos… Is it really possible? I tried to cloak a Youtube page with another cloaker and it was just impossible (Youtube even gave me a message that the URL could not be cloaked)

  5. Thank you for the excellent products and blog posts that you offer here. I usually find it hard to read a blog all the way through, but I am reading your entire blog posts and clicking on the next link to read more. I will definitely be promoting LeadsLeap to my downline.

  6. Very happy to find this post. I have in the past seen people teach about cloaking links and to be honest I didn’t understand. Now I can get to use a software for all the hassle. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, Garry it works with any and all affiliate links. I have over a dozen that I use it with. One big bonus is that I have never had my links rejected by link checkers.

  7. Your adframe has a real annoying feature. When the counter counts down to 10 seconds it makes a popup warning that I only have 10 seconds left to click the link. If I am busy on another page on another tab (say tab surfing traffic exchanges or opening emails for credits) it is very disorienting. I may be upgrading in leadsleap, for example, and suddenly the page changes just as I am about to click the payment button. A popup is there telling me I have 10 seconds to click the link and I’m just thinking “What the … How did I get here? What link? How Rude! Whoever put this popup here, the last thing I want to do is click their link! I’m gonna close this page as fast as I can and try to find where I was!” Sorry, but anyone who hijacks my browser is not welcome and I am banning from my PC. Anyone else who experiences this problem can edit the hosts file and add the line to prevent any pages from leadsleap from ever showing on your computer.

    1. Allen, you just have to disable the counter (and the annoying pop up you’re talking about) from your link cloaker settings options and everything will be fine…

  8. I can see huge possibilities with this amazing tool.

    I’ve been looking a long time to find something that would help protect my Clickbank links from getting stolen and now thanks to LeadsLeap, I’ve found what I needed. The ad creator with the countdown timer on it shouldn’t be ignored either since in combination with a good one time offer, it should truly prove to be irresistible to most prospects.

    My many thanks to the creators of this amazing program. I’ve seen nothing like it that gives so much to free members! :)

    1. Yes. It can be used as a shortener. But using it as a shortener is under utilizing its potential.

      It can also be used to hide ugly referral link. For example, when you send people to a referral link say,, it looks ugly as people know you are the referral. Instead, you can use the link cloaker to send people to directly, while at the backend, load, without your traffic knowing. So to them, they will only see

  9. Does the Advanced Link Cloaker (leadsleap one) put a Permanent Cookie on someone’s browser. In other words if someone was cookied as I wished using this Cloaker, how long would the Cookie last? Would it last until they Cleared there cookies using any method of doing so i.e. CCleaner? Or would it stay on the Person’s browser forever which means a year later if they came back(with the same browser) and purchased the Product I had them Cookied for, I would get the Commission?

    Or, please explain “How Long The Cookie” lasts on the person’s browser?

    I am Looking For a Permanent Cookie system that will stay on My Cookied persons browser forever? If this is Not one of them “How Do I Find One To Use”? Can they be bought somewhere?

    1. Link Cloaker is not designed to create cookies. I think you are looking at our other tool, Cookie Generator. With that you can create any kind of cookie you like…. and yup, it’s also FREE!

  10. It seems 1 and 2 no longer works as stated. After visiting the cloaked link in 1, the original url didnt load in the background. Samething happened in 2 and it displays leadsleap’s cloaked url in address bar.

    Only No. 3 works.

    1. My bad, all three worked as stated after testing again.

      I had to wait for about 2 mins for the changes to take effect.

      Thanks Kenneth

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