Best Websites That Generate Web Traffic

“Hi Kenneth, I have been reading your blog and it is a great resource. Of all the ways that you’ve recommended, can you share with us what are the best websites that generate web traffic?” – Nira

To me, the best websites that generate web traffic must achieve one of the followings:

– They must either help me to generate lots of targeted traffic FAST

– Or they must help me to generate traffic CONSISTENTLY WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT FROM ME.

Personally, I try to avoid traffic generation websites that require me to post ads every few days. This is time consuming and not the best use of my time.

Let’s look at some examples that fit into my criteria.

If you want lots of web traffic fast, especially in the IM niche, one of my favorite source is paid to read emails websites. For less than 100 bucks, you get thousands of traffic to your website. This type of website is what I mean by “lots of targeted traffic FAST”. You need to spend time preparing the ad every time you need the traffic, but the surge in traffic is well worth your effort.

Examples of websites that generate web traffic consistently without much effort include Google Adword, article marketing ( and of course For Google Adwords and LeadsLeap advertising, you set up the ad once and receive traffic 24/7. If you don’t have to modify your ad, you can just leave it running and generate web traffic to your website. Similarly for article marketing, your submitted article can generate traffic to your website for years.

The daily traffic may not be impressive, but over a period of time, the traffic can well accumulate to thousands. The best part is that the traffic is passive, i.e. you don’t have to spend much time working on it after the initial preparation.

Here’s my last advice: Many people are looking for the “holy grail” websites that generate web traffic magically. Such websites never exist. The “holy grail” is not found in the traffic generation websites but in YOUR STRATEGY. Read my old post My Best Kept Secrets To Increase Web Site Traffic From Scratch to get what I mean by that.

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  1. Yes, very true. Consistently providing high value content/service is the only way to build a growing “List” of subscribers / loyal followers. Article-marketing provides long-term traffic while PPC can get traffic immediately. As Kenneth said earlier, quality of traffic depends on how “targeted” it is :)

  2. Article marketing is great, but make sure that you use your own domain name in the bio line or in your article when using them. When I first started marketing online, I knew nothing about backlinks or link popularity. I would use affiliate urls in my bio lines!! No one corrected me so I kept doing that. I ended up with 100’s of articles that pointed back to services and programs that I don’t belong to anymore. It pains me to think of the services who STILL receive free traffic daily because of my mistake. So be sure to use your own domain name if you want to use link directories or article directories. It just makes sense to do so.

  3. Hi,

    We all know that content is king.If you have contents but don’t know how to drive into it,you’re wasting big time.

    How to drive traffics to your site with great content,just to list a few here included what your have already said.

    1.Article Marketing to various article sites.
    2.Free Traffic System,that is free advertising included TE and safelists.I know both are wasting tons of your time.However,if you know how to use it efficiently,you would most probably get some real hits.
    Let’s take one example here.Create a product using Leadsleap’s free list builder script and offer free to any type of promotion will definitely grow your lists with unlimited subscriber.
    3.Paid To Survey/PTS/PTR/PTC/PTV/PTW etc
    4.Blogging & forum
    5.Social network and social media
    6.SEO Optimizations
    7.PPC campaign such as Google Adwords,YahooSearchMarketing,
    BidVertiser,Entireweb,Lijit,Gogohub and so forth.This is more like targeted to a high profit niche product to leverage your CPC or Cost Per Click.

    IMO,it depends on how you work on each of these above.For me,I won’t dare to say safelists is not a good way to generate traffic to your site.To my understanding,it consumes email marketing and solo ads.If you know the way how to write a killer email message,you are in a cutting edge to out perform
    your competitor.Don’t write too much about yourself and also use too many times of people name inside the mail.

    Mostly people want to know what is in it for them,the benefits for them,the curiosity your info made them want to follow to read on,the action they have to do and so on.

    This is just an example.I can’t largely explain everything here.I just hope I can share a little info with all of you here.

    See you again.
    I shall revisit here soon
    Have a beautiful day

  4. An interesting article, i will certainly look at the paid to read email sites. I am a little bit guilty of looking for that holy grail site that generates all my traffic.

    However i have found that working with small, establishing sites in my field, swapping links and trading articles and advice has really helped. Little by little these sites are starting to grow and in return so does the traffic to my site.

  5. Very good post and comments.

    My tip would be that I spent far too long trying to do everything myself, on the cheap, instead of subscribing to Internet Marketing Tools that would automate the things I’m not good at (generating splash pages etc) and leave me to concentrate on getting decent content onto my blogs etc.

  6. Article marketing has always worked two fold for me.
    (1 I write about what I like (niche) and learn more as I go.
    (2 Submit articles to EzineArticles, Article Base, etc.
    build backlinks to my blog or website. (traffic)

    Once your articles are published above go to

    Rewrite with their tool and publish to 30 blogs and create
    more backlinks.
    hope that helps.

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  9. Hi everyone,

    I would like to share my opinion.Nothing comes free into this world without putting hard word and effort.

    If the making money is that simple,people no need to join any program no more.Then,why so many marketers guru built one program to another program? Can you enlightening me?

    I have another question for you,That is,what does five bucks mean to you? To buy a cup of coffee? A piece of pirated DVD movie? Few pieces of KFC’s nuggets? NOT MUCH ANYMORE!
    However,five bucks can buy a good quality digital ebook for self improvement reading and maybe at the same time can have a good business opportunity created from the learning.

    As an example,let’s take a look at below,

    Look! I also suggest you go to Leadsleap member area and download list builder script and come out your own business is the most wise thing to do.

    Please consider my 2 cents advice.
    Wish your business success

    “Treat People as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”(Johann Von Goethe)
    You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.
    Zig Ziglar

  10. Hello Ken,
    I’m a member of LeadsLeap for some time now.
    I’ve bookmarked this blog so as to read all your posts.. old ones too!
    I find the posts very informative and as I’m still quite new ( I’ve started my blog end April 09 ) and non tech person (And without money too…), I’m sure the advice you give is of tremendous value and going to guide me thru’ my chosen path.
    I’ve a small problem though… I’ve a blogger blog and everywhere I find ‘how to’ about WP blogs. Where will I find useful ‘plugins’ or widgets for a blogger blog?
    And how do I use ‘Pingback’ with blogger blog?
    I hope you’ll let me know.

    1. Hi,

      For blogger blog useful plugin, you can find at

      I encourage you to install Zemanta.It is really useful.You can reblog from a blogger’s blog to another blogger’s blog or to WP blog.

      The above link also recommend newer blogger templates.

      As regarding about Pingback, I think you install Leadsleap’s widget to your blog is one of good way to earn credit too.
      Alternatively,write post or recommend Leadsleap postings that are relevant to your contents.

      For example,

      I hope this could help enlightening you.
      Finally,click my name,it is a link that is free traffic and produce better conversion than Traffic Swarm.

      Wish you all the best.
      Warmest regards,
      Have a great day

  11. Google Adwords is a good form of advertising, but you must know what you’re doing or you could end up spending LOTS of money. The easiest way to get traffic in my book is to create your own blog or niche blog and focus on writing articles with keyword phrases that are not very competitive. This has been working very good for me.

  12. It depends on how you work on each of these above.For me,I won’t dare to say safelists is not a good way to generate traffic to your site.To my understanding,it consumes email marketing and solo ads.If you know the way how to write a killer email message,you are in a cutting edge to out perform
    your competitor.Don’t write too much about yourself and also use too many times of people name inside the mail.

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