An Easy Way To Get Targeted Website Traffic

I said in my previous blog post that the most effective online advertising is one that gets the most targeted traffic to your website. But how do you get targeted website traffic? Where do you find all the targeted prospects who may be interested in buying what you have to offer?

Apparently there are many ways to find targeted website traffic.

For example, almost for any niche, you can use Pay Per Click advertising to get targeted traffic to your website. But Pay Per Click can be costly if you do not have a good sales process.

There is another easy way to get targeted website traffic without spending much money. But many people are not using it.

The method is to get the targeted traffic from other people’s list – also known as joint venture. But it’s not what you think.

You see, the internet has developed into a stage where almost every active online user is on someone’s list, depending on what their interests are.

A dog lover is on the list of some dog training gurus, an opportunity seeker is on the list of some internet marketing gurus and so on.

So if you want to penetrate into any market niche, your job really is to think of a JV proposal that is mutually beneficial and get your targeted traffic directly from the list owners in your niche.

If you can rinse and repeat this single technique, you will be the next guru in your own niche in no time.

Many years back, a 24-year-old newbie online marketer went round asking other newbie marketers to contribute a chapter to his new ebook, on the agreement that each of them will promote the free ebook to their lists. This newbie marketer did this trick a few times with different internet marketers and soon became one of the renowned gurus in the IM industry.

Can you see how simple this idea is? It’s a win-win-win situation. The organizer and contributors win by getting more exposure and thus building their lists. The people in their lists win by getting great tips for free. But the organizer wins the most, since he gets the most exposure by being the organizer.

I’m sure you can do something like this too, can’t you?

Today, this simple tactic has evolved into something more complicated and powerful. Instead of contributing just one chapter, hundreds of marketers now group together to giveaway free ebooks, MP3s, videos and software.

This is what we call a giveaway event.

Have you seen those giveaway events where you can join and download tons of products for free?

The idea is similar, except that a giveaway event involves more preparation and it can build you a much larger list in a shorter time, especially if you are the organizer.

In any giveaway event, the person who benefit the most is always the organizer. It’s fair since the organizer puts in the time and effort to run the event.

Regardless of which niche you are in, you can always run a giveaway event and instantly build a huge list in that niche.

Caution: If you want to run a giveaway event in the IM niche, you will need to add some innovative elements into it. Else, it may be hard for you to get experienced marketers onboard.

If you want to learn how to run a successful giveaway event, I suggest that you read this ebook that I’ve just read.

It covers everything you need to know, from how to find contributors for your event to solving the technical issues such as server, bandwidth and mass mailing problems.

You will also get a chance to buy a giveaway script at a BIG discount. (A good giveaway script is usually sold for more than $200, but you can get a big cut in the price.)

Note: You need to hurry if you want to get this ebook because I’ve been informed that the price will increase on 10th Feb.

If you want to jump start your online business, there is no need to be the Jack of all trades in traffic generation. If you can master one effective strategy to get targeted website traffic, it’s enough to get you onto the fast track.

19 thoughts to “An Easy Way To Get Targeted Website Traffic”

  1. Thanks Kenneth for this great Tip, its really helpful, i love the JV part of it and its a good way to easily start a list,
    i will implement the strategies for more effective success.

  2. Hi Kenneth,
    Great information.
    I was wondering, even though it is an older method, do you think that the ebook would still work if it is for a different niche than im?

  3. Excellent advice, Kenneth! Thanks for all you do. I am currently involved in a give-away event with a lot of holistic products and I am seeing a lot of targeted traffic. And even though I am not the organizer, it is proving well worth my time to be there, sales-wise.

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  5. A great tactic Kenneth. Giveaways are very effective in list building and anyone who seriously want to make real money on the internet should surely consider participating in a giveaway.
    Giveaways are excellent for driving targeted traffic to your website. I particularly like the idea of having other marketers to drive targeted traffic to your website.
    Some people will of course use you by unsubscribing as soon as they download your product but that should not worry you;not when you can get thousands of subscribers for only offering a free product.
    You can even decide to give away one product that you already are selling and include a one time offer, an offer to upgrade to a higher mambership level, offer fast action bonuses on download page, or even sell resale rights to the same product.
    What a perfect way to start making money on the internet within no time?
    PS:write a short report or rewrite those plr products flooding your hard disk and start to make real money on the internet instantly

  6. Thank you so much for your blogs. I enjoy learning and you have helpful information. It is easy to follow your steps and I enjoy reading your information. Please keep up the good work. Thanks Sherry

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