3 Tips On Writing Powerful Sales Letters

I’m in the midst of doing some touch up for LeadsLeap sales letter. While writing the sales letter, I recalled some powerful tips Ewen Chia has shared with me (personally, over a cup of coffee).

Remember I told you that Ewen likes to compose and test different kinds of sales letters? Talking about writing powerful sales letters, I truly believe that he’s the MAN, not because he is famous but because a number of my successful clients (those who advertise with me) use his strategies.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you 3 powerful tips that chances are, no one has told you before.

I’ll use one of his actual sales letters to illustrate to you how to use these 3 strategies.

1) Convert every testimonial into a headline

We all know that adding testimonials is a powerful way to increase the conversion rate. What most advanced marketers do when it comes to adding testimonials is to add a photograph, add an audio testimonial and highlight some of the important quotes.

One thing that Ewen did differently is that he will take one phrase from each of his testimonial and turn it into a headline for that particular testimonial.

Take a look at these testimonials to see what I mean.

Do you see that every testimonial has a red color headline?

Fact is, most people are not going to read every testimonial. These outstanding headlines allow the prospects to quickly grasp the gist of every testimonial. The idea is to quickly increase the confidence of the prospects in you and your product without having to go through every testimonial.

Brilliant strategy I am using now without fail.

2) Create a summary break down of the value of each offer and let the audience know what is the total value

Many marketers like to throw in lots of bonuses to increase the perceived value of their offer. This has been a known strategy to increase the conversion rate.

But when this ideas was popularized, what most marketers did was to overwhelm the prospects with so many bonuses that the prospects lost focus.

The idea of adding bonuses is to increase the overall value of your offer. To achieve this ultimate objective, Ewen created a table that lists down every offer that he’s made and attach a monetary value to each offer. He then summed up all the values and gave a grand total value of say $2,345.00. (But for a limited time, you can get everything at just $47. tha na…..)

Click here and SCROLL UP two pages to see what I mean.

You may think this is hype. It is. But it works!

I’ve been in the advertising industry for more than 2 years now. Everyone says they don’t like hype. But the truth is they do. A hyped up sales letter sells better than a no-hype sales letter, especially in an advertising environment, i.e. strangers selling to strangers.

3) Re-emphasize the main benefits of your product before asking your prospects to buy

After reading a long sales letter, it is indeed possible for someone to lose focus on what’s your main offer.

Also, have you ever come across a long sales letter with everything under the sun but the only thing that you fail to find is the price? This is not a joke. I ever read a sales letter in which I had to use the search function to search for the ‘$’ sign so as to find out how much the product cost!

What Ewen likes to do is to put everything into a box, just before asking the prospects to buy.

Take a look at how he did it here.

First he reiterated the main product offer. Then he re-affirmed the main benefits that the prospect will receive, the price of the product and the money back guarantee.

I like his style, both as a marketer and as a potential buyer. With this summary, I know exactly what I’m going to get and what I can expect.

One last thing to note is that his call for action is never “Buy Now”. His calls for action are usually reiteration of the benefit of his product, for example, “Yes, I Want To Become A Super Affiliate Now” or to create a sense of urgency, for example, “Get in now before the price shoots up soon without warning!”.

Do you have more tips and experience to share? Add your comments below……

17 thoughts to “3 Tips On Writing Powerful Sales Letters”

  1. This has to be one of my favorite posts so far! Solid information that makes perfect sense, and who the heck wouldnt want to listen to Ewen or Kenneth? :-)

  2. Great content Once again thankyou and Yes Ewen deffinately is the Man when it comes to well – all things online really !
    Kindest Regards – “The Sales Guy”

  3. Hi,
    Not a comment about sales letters, but about the absent quality of the websites that are in the links on your newsletter. I clicked on ALL of them today, and almost every one of them except for a couple had to be the most user-unfriendly, ugly, wysiwyg created web pages I have ever seen. How do these people expect to make sales with “distorted photos”, unreadable text, just plain butt-ugly layouts/graphics, and un-solicited video people walking into the site? Beats ME!

    thanks for allowing me to rant!

    All the Best,
    claire poulton
    Pro web-designer for the world’s martial artists

    1. Hi Claire,

      I’ve taken a look at your website and I’ve learnt a great deal about web design. Maybe they should learn from experts like you. :)

      For your comments, I’m not aware that the problem is as serious as what you’ve said. I do random check on our members ads regularly and so far so good. It would be good if you could give us the ad details so that we can work on it accordingly.

      Thanks for your feedback anyway.

  4. Ewen Chia. Superb marketer… and great guy too. Managed a few words with this “master” at WIS in Melbourne last year. Ewen was voted “best speaker” from the whole 3 day conference!
    My own sequence for salesletters:
    1. Talk main benefits in the area that is on the screen when they first arrive at your site. i.e. answer their questions before they get to ask them. Or before they leave!
    2. Other benefits next.
    3. Followed by features. Use short sentenced, bulleted paras where possible.
    (Never confuse benefits and features! Benefits – what your product is going to do for the person who buys it! Is it going to save them time? Save them money? Make them healthier? etc. You’re answering the WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) Features – are what the product or service does.
    4. Quick recap of benefits.
    5. State price and why price is what it is!
    6. Bulleted list of exactly what they’re going to get in their download.
    (Always at the end of your salesletter, talk as if they’ve already made up their minds to buy!)
    7. How safe the ordering system is, and how to order.
    8. Wish them all the best in their online career, etc.
    9. Always, always, always two, three or more P.S.s Restate the major benefit. Restate the value. Give them a good reason for taking action now! But don’t fib!
    10. Add links to your main site into your contact details area, but don’t overdo this… you don’t want to take the emphasis away from the product you’ve just been trying to sell them.
    11. Always add your own or affiliate banners to any download pages. They’ve probably still got their wallet open!
    This isn’t totally cast in stone. It’s my basics. And if it help you… great!

  5. Wow great! Some of your traits are enlighten to carry, no matter how difficult the job is. Also, check your affiliate company internet marketing statistics. This will help you find out what is working and what is not.

  6. One thing I have seen so many times is people trying to get too much information into a marketing letter. The above is really useful, but the amount of information you want to include must be balanced against the amount people are willing to read – more than one side of paper generally get put into a ‘read later’ pile forever.

    If you have technical information or similar that needs to be included, consider having it as a separate insert, and then keep the marketing letter short and succinct.

    Yours Sincerely
    Marketing letters, telemarketing scripts, copy writing

  7. Writing a sales letter is not an easy task and many shy away from it. Most of the people writing for buy assignment are however excellent at writing sales letters. They certainly apply all the stated tips in this article and encourage others to do so too.

  8. Sales have always been an extrovert and creative task. Whenever sales task has been assigned, vital points to be considered are testimonials, offers, and benefits . It is always so important to make clear explanations on the benefits of our products and happy testimonials from our previous or already existing customers.

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  10. Your blog is very informative and great. Its very great read for me because your writing skills is so good and you will write this post in very good manner. Thanks!

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