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Find Out Why More Than 80,000 Marketers/Bloggers Use This Well-Acclaimed Traffic System

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I'm in love with LeadsLeap because I learn a lot about marketing and I got referrals to my affiliate programs without extra efforts, only by using LeadsLeap and I'm a free member still... I recommend LeadsLeap to everyone.

Dimitrios Klonos

What Is LeadsLeap 2.0?

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LeadsLeap 2.0 is a revenue-sharing, advertising and lead generation system, with a focus on training and value creation.

This means you can:

Make money by sharing our revenue in 3 ways. No purchase needed.

Promote your ads free, not just to our members but to our network of more than 4000 websites.

Build 10 levels of free leads that will grow exponentially. Imagine a lifetime of fresh leads.

Learn the right way to advertise and put what you've learn into practice, free.

Get free access to very useful tools that we develop inhouse and gain a competitive edge.

Details Below...

How You Make Money?

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We share up to 90% of our revenue with our members!

5%-10% Revenue Share, Daily Payout - This scheme makes sure that everyone makes money. Just visit the ads in the network.

15-30% Revenue Share, Weekly Payout - This is to reward members who send traffic to the ads in LeadsLeap. Think of it like Adsense, except you don't need a website to earn.

25-50% Affiliate Commissions - When your referrals upgrade, you'll earn recurring commissions, for life.

How You Advertise?

It begins with our small & mighty ad widget like this:

Once you become a member, you will be able to add your own ads to our ad widget.

How do we drive traffic to your ads?

1) We reward members to surf your ads.

2) We give even more reward to members who send traffic to your ads. (This widget is now showing in more than 4000 websites worldwide)

Our aim is to send you traffic from different sources, within and beyond the LeadsLeap network.

How You Build Leads?

Check out these real case studies.

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LeadsLeap comes with a 10-level downline building system.

Like any multilevel concept, the idea is if you refer 'n' people and these people refer 'n' other people, you'll end up with tens of thousands of leads in your network.

Sounds easy right? Not so.

For a leads generation system to work, 3 elements must exist:

Ease of referring people - The best form of promotion is to promote without promoting. Think about how we all promote Google without the intention to do it.

A sustainable, spam-free downline communication system - We pay your downlines to read your message, through our proprietary unobtrusive message system.

A good member retention system - It's all about value creation. When members see the values, they stay.

I'm spilling the beans of our success secret. I hope our competitors are not reading this!

Training For You

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I've been in the advertising industry since 2006. I wrote the Insider Advertising Report to share my experience in advertising.

In this report, you will learn the principles of advertising. You will also see many case studies of how normal people advertise with success.

Here are what others say about the report:

"What a great report. Even after being online for 8 years and thinking I knew it all, there were some real gems. Great work!"

Dena Mullens, , retireearlyteam.com

"I suggest everyone to read this report. You will thank yourself that you did make that intelligent decision. Kenneth has long been in the advertising world, and he knows what he is talking about."

Shouvik Mazumder, , affiliateprofitsclub.biz

Our Proprietary Tools - Yours Free!

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The Real Tracker

This link tracker is a game changer. It tells you whether the traffic you get are real visits or merely clicks. You can find out how long a visitor surf on your link and track any traffic source.

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Popup Generator

This is the most complex tool we've created. Complex to create, but simple to use. You can create stunning animation on different events, complete with full tracking capability.

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OTO List Builder

This PHP script includes an autoresponder, mass mailer, one-time offer system, Paypal payment integration and affiliate program. Run a full-fledged online business like the gurus.

What Makes LeadsLeap Different From Other Similar Programs?

1) No Timer

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Most traffic generation systems like paid-to-click, paid-to-surf or traffic exchanges use a timer system. For example, you may have to stay on an ad for 20 seconds, with a 20-second timer counting down.

Let me ask you 2 questions.

1) If you are viewing a 20-second ad, will you focus more on the ad or more on the timer to see if 20-second is up?

- The timer, right?

2) Once 20-second is up, will you continue surfing the ad or you'll quickly click another ad to earn more credits?

- This one is obvious. You'll quickly click another ad, won't you?

We believe that the conventional way of ad tracking is flawed. There is no incentive to encourage visitors to continue surfing an ad.

In fact, there is disincentive to move visitors away to another ad because they want to earn more credits!

In LeadsLeap, we use no timer! Read on to find out what we use...

2) Earn As You Surf

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As I said earlier, we don't use a timer in our ad viewer.

We revolutionizes the industry with a unique 'Earn-As-You-Surf' system. Our members earn credits every 5 seconds of surfing an ad, for up to 3 minutes.

With this system, their attention is solely on the ad. Also, they have very good reason to continue surfing the same ad because the longer they surf, the more credits they earn.

From the point of view of an advertiser, you will be glad to know that if your ad is interesting, your visitors are incentivised to continue reading your ad.

From the point of view of someone who views ads, you will be glad to know that you don't have to waste time staying on boring ads. If an ad is boring, just close it after 5 seconds.

3) You are building an asset

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The secret of running a long-term business is to keep on building assets.

At LeadsLeap, your asset is your 10-levels of leads. Once you bring in the initial referrals, your network will grow automatically and exponentially. That's the power of a good leads builder.

With our unobtrusive and incentivised communication system, you will be able to reach out to your growing leads effectively.

Your 10-level of leads will be with you for life. You can reach out to them anytime at no cost. We are the one who pay them to read your message!

4) We Genuinely Care

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Check out our blog and see what we do.

You can see that we work very hard to improve the system as well as the tools we provide.

Why do we do that?

Because we want to provide the best for our members, be it free or paid members.

My vision is to build LeadsLeap into a community where members can learn about advertising, practise what they've learnt, earn some money and more money as they grow, build free leads that grow exponentially, and as they look back years later, they'll say to themselves, "I'm glad that I've joined LeadsLeap".

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a blogger. Will LeadsLeap help me?

Yes, LeadsLeap can help you in three ways. 1) You can use our tools to grow your blogging business. 2) If you are in the IM niche, you can advertise and build leads exponentially using LeadsLeap. If you put the system to work, you will get continuous fresh leads to your blog every day. That's what our old members are enjoying now. 3) You can add LeadsLeap Widget to your blog. It will make you extra money, not to mention the extra traffic and leads.

Is there a limitation on what ad I can advertise?

Yes. Your ad and landing page must be in English. The landing page should not have any frame breaking code and it should be able to be shown in an iframe. The ad content must be family friendly. Some of the contents that are forbidden include gambling, adult content, dating and hook up services.

How many emails will I receive from LeadsLeap?

We have a stringent mailing system. You will only receive one email a day, from us, NOT from other members. That email will include everything that needs your attention about your account, such as your ad status, earnings etc.

If you ignore the system for more than 30 days, our system will automatically stop sending you daily email. This is how we protect and respect your privacy.

What payment processor do you use?

We use Paypal only.

Is LeadsLeap a safelist?

No. You will not receive any email from any member.

Is LeadsLeap an MLM?

No. We have a multilevel leads builder. But that doesn't qualify us as an MLM company.

Is LeadsLeap a traffic exchange service?

LeadsLeap is more than just traffic exchange. You will get traffic from both members and non-members.

Is LeadsLeap a 'Pay Back' traffic exchange system?

No. In a 'Pay Back' traffic exchange system, you need to buy certain ad pack and then after some time earn back your initial investment plus a profit. LeadsLeap is not such a system.

Our revenue sharing program is 'really' revenue sharing, with no purchase needed from you.

Can I register multiple accounts?

No. Each person can only have 1 account.

I do not understand English. Can I join?

No. As our ads and the system are in English, if you do not understand English, it is hard for you to get the full benefit of the system. I'm afraid that this system is not for you.

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