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How an internet newbie made $3311.40 in 24 hours.


I just came back from my meeting with Calvin Woon, an internet newbie who made $3311.40 in just 24 hours. I’m going to show you exactly how he did it.

Here’s a summary of how he did it……

The basic idea is he offered a software at Warrior Special Offer (aka WSO) and 100 marketers took up the offer. After some time, he offered a blow out sale (basically a software bundle) to these 100 marketers in his list and made $3311.40 in less than 24 hours.

Sounds simple? No quite because there are a few important factors that contributed to his success. Let me go through the details now:

WSO is a section in the famous Warrior Forum. Many internet marketing experts hang out there looking for cheap but good deals. To make the marketers interested in your offer, you really need to think of something unique. In Calvin’s case, he offered a viral software. To his amazement, many renowned internet marketers took up the offer. Now he has got internet marketing gurus in his list!

What is so special about his viral software? Why are the gurus interested in the software?

Basically, it is a keyword research software. The true power doesn’t lie in the software application but its viral feature. Within the software, he allows the marketers to rebrand 4 banner ads and 2 text ads into the software. And he allows the marketers to give away the software to whoever they like.

Can you see what is happening here?

Imagine you own this viral keyword research software. You rebrand the software with your banner ads and text ads and give this software away to other people. This software will be passed on to hundreds and then thousands of people. Your banner and text ads will be shown to these people every time they use the software. Can you see how viral this can be?

But that’s not all. When these people see the power of the software and want to buy the rebrandable version, which is sold for $37, you will make 100% commission i.e. $37!!

I hope you are starting to see the power of this viral software. That is the reason why other internet marketing gurus are interested in this special offer.

They bought the software, rebranded it with their banner and text ads and distributed it to their list, allowing their list to pass it to whoever they like! At the same time, they kept 100% of the sales of the rebrandable version.

Personally, I think this is a damn smart idea. How I wish I was the one who came out with this idea.

Back to how he made $3311.40.

WSO is a place for you to bait big fish. Once you get the big fish, you have to continue adding values to them. For Calvin, he continues to give his customers free software, just to thank them for taking up the offer. The BIG bait came when he bundled 3 of his other viral software and offered them through a special pricing system. In the system, the pricing started at $37, but after every sale, the price will increase by 20 cents!

See the trick? Either you get it now or you pay a higher price later!

Guess what was the conversion rate for the offer? More than 50% of them bought the software bundle! The gurus were hooked.

Here’s an interesting side story. Calvin launched his blow out sales on the same day and at the same time when Ewen Chia (the world’s No.1 super affiliate) launched his super affiliate membership! Initially, he was worried if that would affect his sales. But guess what, when he launched his blow out sales on 1st December 12pm EST, he was amazed to see that the first sale was from Ewen!! LOL.

Calvin didn’t just stop at the blow out sales. Once the marketers took up the offer, they were offered an upsell package, which is an annual membership which allows them to get 1 brand new rebrandable viral software every month for a year!

Another 50% of them took up this upsell package.

So in total, he made $3311.40 in 24 hours. The entire campaign actually made him more than $10,000.

That’s it. Calvin had no list to start with, no JV partner, no affiliates and was totally unknown in the world of internet marketing. But he managed to achieve this with a simple idea and some smart marketing strategies I’ve shared with you earlier.