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How To Promote Affiliate Products – My Preferred Way


There are many ways to promote affiliate products. Of all the methods, my preferred way is to create “my own product” and promote affiliate products indirectly.

“My own product” can be in the form of a content website, a blog, a forum, a piece of software that I give away to build list or a free online application or service.

The key concept here is that I’m building and promoting traffic for my own product. As i do so, I’m at the same time channeling traffic to other products I’m affiliated to.

Most affiliates are attracted to the idea of promoting affiliate products without a website or with a simple one-page site. I agree these are faster way to make money. The problem is the growth potential is limited.

Building a business is not about making money. It’s about building a long-lasting asset, a cash cow that you can milk for many years.

An example of how to promote affiliate products by creating your own product:

Recently I came across a website called instantdomainsearch.com. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite sites.

This website allows me to ‘instantly’ search for available domain names. (Honestly, the search result is not really updated. But it’s good enough for preliminary search). What’s more important is usually, when I found a domain that I wanted, I’ll just click through its GoDaddy link to buy the domain name right away. This means the website is earning some commissions.

This is a perfect example of what I mean by creating your own product and promote affiliate products indirectly.

An important advantage of creating your own product is that you have a lot more ways to drive traffic.

– You can do SEO
– You can do joint venture
– You can add your own product for sale and build affiliates to promote for you
– You can build a list
– More importantly, if your own product creates real value, it will attract traffic automatically through words of mouth, which is the most powerful traffic generation method.

This method takes more time and effort, but it will give you more lasting income, more growth potential and eventually more stability.

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