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How To Add Widget To WordPress Blog


Since we launched LeadsLeap widget, I’ve received several questions asking how to add widget to wordpress blog.

Instead of answering these questions in private, I think it’s easier for me to post the answer in our blog.

First, if you are using a hosted blog on WordPress.com, you can’t add a javascript Widget like LeadsLeap Widget.

In this article, we are talking about self-hosted WordPress blog, one that you install on your own server.

Also, as WordPress has several versions and they upgrade quite regularly, what’s described below may be a little different from what you actually see in your WordPress Admin. But the general idea should be the same.

Clear on that? Ok, let’s start.

1) Login to your WordPress Admin as usual.

2) Using the navigation links on the left, go to Appearance > Widgets.

3) On that page, you will see Available Widgets and Main Sidebar.  Drag a ‘Text’ widget from the Available Widgets to the Main Sidebar.

4) You should now see a ‘Text’ widget in the Main Sidebar. Click on the ‘Text’ widget to expand it.

5) The expanded ‘Text’ widget should have two fields, Title and the content. Ignore the Title field. Copy and paste your LeadsLeap widget code into the second field and then click the ‘Save’ button.


Note: For best result, try to position LeadsLeap widget at the top.