Turn Social Review Into Your Own Review Blog!


Two weeks ago, we launched LeadsLeap Social Review. The feedback has been good. As I said, that was just the beginning of something bigger!

Now you can turn the Social Review into your own review blog, advertise it and see the conversion soar!

Why Advertise A Review? Why Not The Product Site?

I’m sure you’ve come across several review sites and perhaps signed up some programs because of the reviews you’ve read.


Because we tend to trust other people’s recommendation than the product sales-letter.

It’s human.

That’s why bloggers who write good reviews always enjoy better conversions than affiliates who simply promote the product sales-letters.

With Social Review, you can now do the same.

You can customize any Social Review page with your affiliate link and advertise that page.

Advantages Of Advertising Your Review

1) Get better conversion

As I said, people believe in reviews more than the product sales-letter. With Social Review, your prospects not only can read your review but also other users’ reviews.

Once you customize the review page, ALL the links to the product site will be your affiliate link.

Hence, as long as your prospects click to the product site, they will click via your link.

2) No need to worry about iframe blocking issues

Most, if not all, traffic exchanges use iframe technology in their ad viewing system. However, some programs block themselves from iframe, i.e. the website will be blank when viewed in an iframe.

If you advertise the Social Review page, there is no such worry.

When visitors click to the product site, they will open the site in a new browser window.

3) Build your LeadsLeap team at the same time

Needless to say, when you promote your reviews, your LeadsLeap ID is at the same time cookied in the visitor’s browser. If they sign up LeadsLeap, they will be in your team.

4) Cross promote ALL your other reviewed products

This is perhaps the most powerful feature in the system. Read on…

Let’s say you advertise one of your reviews, but the prospect isn’t interested. Instead, he reads other product reviews and signup another program.

As long as you’ve reviewed that program, your affiliate link will be shown!

Theoretically, that means if you have reviewed all the products in Social Review, whichever program your prospect sign up with, it will be via your affiliate link.

As this feature really give an unfair advantage to those who use it, we’ve decided to make it available to Pro Members only.

For Free Members, the affiliate link is limited to the customized review, which is still good.

How To Customize A Social Review Page?

1) First, you must write a review on that program, of course!

2) Go to My Reviews and click the ‘Get Promotion Link‘ button.




3) Advertise the link in your favorite advertising sites.

Special Exception For Social Review on LeadsLeap.com

For all other reviews, you must add a review before you can turn that review into your own marketing page. That has to be the case, else we won’t know what is your affiliate link for that program.

The only exception is the review on LeadsLeap.com. Any LeadsLeap member can use that page to promote LeadsLeap, by using


There is no need to write a review.

Action Steps…

1. Start promoting your LeadsLeap Social Review link. I believe it will convert much better than all our other landing pages.


2. Start advertising the reviews you’ve submitted and measure the conversion. If you have written a good review, it should convert well.

Share your result in the comments below. Your feedback is important. We are here to support you and help you to improve the conversion rate.

This is a game changer – LeadsLeap Social Review


I am excited to announce our new system called “LeadsLeap Social Review”.

It is going to be a game changer!

As the name suggests, LeadsLeap Social Review is a collection of reviews from our members on programs that they have joined.

Why Share Review?

1) Signups

As you share a review, you will also enter your affiliate link for that program.

The link will be rotated among other added links.

When people learn about the program and join, they will join under one of the rotated links, which can be your link.

2) More Signups

In this system, you can set up your top 5 recommendations. These recommendations will go with every of your review.

The more reviews you submit, the more often your top recommendations will be seen.

If your review is trustworthy, readers will be curious to find out what other programs you recommend.

When they join via your recommendation, you get the leads.

3) Help Others To Make Better Decisions

LeadsLeap Social Review is a place where members share what works and what doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sharing a positive or negative review. Your link will be rotated as long as you share a true review.

On the contrary, by being honest and sensible in your review, readers are more likely to trust you. When they trust your judgement, they will be interested to check out your top recommendations.

It is a win-win situation.

LeadsLeap Social Review is a simple concept, but the potential is tremendous.

The Potential – Search Engine Domination

The review site is search engine friendly. (You can take a look at it here.)

It may be bare now. But as members add their reviews, this site will become vibrant.

Every product has its dedicated review page.

Note that these are genuine reviews from people who have joined the program. It is exactly what people are searching for in the search engines.

If we play the game right, these review pages will rank high in the search engines.

Once you have your link added, it is going to be rotated in the system 24/7.

Imagine the potential of this…

This is truly a set and forget system.

The best part is, the system will just get stronger and strong over time.

How To Ensure The System Doesn’t Become A Junk Comment Site?

There are 3 levels of quality assurance.

1) Every submission will be reviewed.

2) Visitors can report any review with a click.

3) Last but not least, the system offers no incentive for members who write useless reviews. A good review will built trust, resulting in visitors exploring their recommendations. A poor review will simply chase the visitors away to read another review.

How To Start

1) Go to Add Reviews and add all the affiliate links of the programs you’ve tried, including your LeadsLeap affiliate link, and share your experience about the programs.

If you have no review now, you can leave the review section blank. You can always add the review later.

2) Go to My Top Recommendations and set up your top 5 recommendations.

3) Go to Explore Reviews regularly to see what people review and find out what are the popular programs.

A Better Layout For Your Upline Messages


From time to time, we have members asking “How do I find out who is my sponsor?”

We had that information published, but it wasn’t obvious. Let’s try to make it more obvious now.

If you go to your member’s homepage now and look at ‘Your Upline Messages‘, you will see the first message being highlighted like this:


Basically we move your sponsor’s message to the top and ‘stick’ there forever. (Other messages will be sorted based on the last update.)

We also highlight the sponsor’s name so it is quite impossible to miss it.

The purpose is to make it easier for you to know who is your sponsor.

How Can I Learn More About My Sponsor Or Uplines?

To learn more about any upline, just click on the name or image (if available) to show his/her profile.


If the member has set up his profile completely, you will be able to learn more about him, his website and ways to connect with him.

Below is one of our members’ profile:


If you are curious about who is your sponsor, or you want to contact the person for assistance, this is how you can reach out to him/her.

Of course, if the uplines prefer to stay anonymous, they can leave the profile blank. In that case, since they prefer not to be contacted, we should respect that.

What If A Sponsor Does Not Set Up A Downline Messages

It is possible that your sponsor may not set up his Downline Message or the message has expired (message will expire after 6 months). In that case, you will see this:


The system will show that there is no message from your sponsor. The message will appear at the end of the Upline Messages.

Nevertheless, you can still click his name and see his profile.

What If A Sponsor Has Left The System?

If your sponsor has terminated his/her account, then you will not see any sponsor info.

What Should I Do To Take Advantage Of These Changes?

If you have downlines,

1) Make sure that you’ve set up your Downline Message and update it at least every 6 months (not that hard right?).

2) Set up your Member’s Profile so that other members can learn more about you.

Your Member’s Profile is not only viewable by your downlines. It is also viewable by other members who click the image on your ad.

Having a good Member’s Profile will increase people’s confidence in you. If you’ve read the Insider Advertising Report, you should know that “Sales is a transfer of confidence!”

New in TRT – Target Different Links To Different Countries


Last month, one member commented the following in our blog:

“What is really needed is the ability to have your ad seen by only selected countries (for example, Tier 1 countries only) with the option for all other countries to be redirected to a secondary ad. This is especially important for paid advertising where your offer is only valid in certain countries.” – Steve Shapiro

I thought that was a great idea, so we started working on it right away.

This feature is now ready!

What Does It Do?

Imagine you are promoting a program, say ‘Program A’, that is only available in USA and Canada.

But when you promote the program in forums, traffic exchanges etc, you may get traffic from different parts of the world.

With the new ‘Geo Target‘ feature, you can send the traffic from USA and Canada to ‘Program A’ while sending the traffic from the other countries to another program that accepts international members.

How It Works?

To make geo-targeting possible, we need to make use of TRT Rotator.

TRT Rotator was initially created to allow you to rotate unlimited TRT Links based on different weightages.

Now we add another feature that allows you to rotate the links based on the location of the traffic.

For example, when someone from USA or Canada visits a TRT Rotator, the system can rotate ALL the links in that Rotator that have been set up to target USA and Canada.

At the same time, if someone from UK visit that Rotator, the system will send the traffic to another link that target ‘the rest of the countries’.

So regardless of where the traffic comes from, you have an offer that is right for them.

How To Use? Step By Step Instructions

The first two steps below are not new. You already know them if you have tried to create a rotator. What’s new are in Step 3 – 6.

1) First, you need to add the links you want to promote in TRT Links.

2) Create a TRT Rotator and add those TRT Links into it.

3) Show the links in the rotator if it is not already shown (by clicking the icon show in the arrow 1).


4) For the link(s) that you want to target, click the ‘Edit‘ button next to ‘Geo Target‘ (see arrow 2).


5) This will open a list of countries that you can target. Simply click to select the countries that you want to target and click ‘Save Changes‘.


6) Next, click the ‘Edit‘ button for the link that you want to show to the rest of the world (see arrow 3), select ‘Show to the rest‘ (see arrow 4).


This will be the “catch all” links. If the traffic is from an untargeted region, this link will be shown.

That’s all.

There is no limit on how you want to target and rotate. You can have several links for the same country or one link targeting different countries. The system will detect the traffic source, rotate the links based on the weightage and present one of matched links to the traffic.

Remember to have a ‘Show to the rest‘ link when you use Geo Targeting. Otherwise, the system will show a default untargeted message to the traffic from untargeted countries.

I hope you like this new feature. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Adjustable Time Zone For TRT And Ad Tracking + Cloaking Option


“Is it possible to modify the time zone on my profile to GMT+2 as the current dates for my statics is misaligned to my local time zone.”

This is a recent request sent to our support center.

Yes, we’ve done exactly what is requested.

From now on, the stats in The Real Tracker (TRT) and LeadsLeap Advertising are displayed based on your Preferred Time Zone.

How To Set Your Preferred Time Zone?

Login to My Profile, look under ‘Preferred Time Zone’ (see arrow 1).


The system will automatically detect your current time zone (see arrow 2).

You can set your Preferred Time Zone to your current time zone or any time zone you want.

That’s it!

Once you do that, the next time you view the stats in The Real Tracker or your Free or Pro Ads, the stats will be based on your Preferred Time Zone.

Here is another request…

“The link I am trying to track is blank. Why and what should I do?”

Here is why.

Some websites prevent themselves from being cloaked, by throwing a blank screen or breaking out of the iframe when being cloaked.

What is cloaking?

Cloaking is a means to hide the actual url of the website. Technically, this is done by placing the website inside an iframe, so that the visitors will not see the actual url in the browser’s Address Bar.

Our TRT system uses such a system for advanced tracking, such as duration and response tracking.

If you happen to track one of such links, you can now disable cloaking.

Here is how to do it.


1) Check whether your url can be cloaked (arrow 1)

If you can see your website in the preview panel, it means your url can be cloaked. In this case, there is no need to disabled cloaking. Otherwise, go to Step 2.

2) If your website cannot be cloaked, check the ‘Disable Cloaking’ option (arrow 2)

When you disable cloaking, the advance feature settings will be automatically hidden. You will also see that in the traffic summary, Real Visit and Response tracking are cancelled (arrow 3). This is to show you that these trackings are not possible when cloaking is disabled.

I need to emphasize that most urls have no problem with cloaking. This means most of the time, there is no need to disable cloaking.

That’s all for today. I hope you’ll find these two 2 features useful. More features are in the pipeline…