New Members Area – Easier To Use, Better Tracking, More Power!


We have just revamped your Members Area. Below are some of the highlights of the changes.

1. Reorganization Of Links

One of the feedback we received from new members is that the system is complicated.

This is because over the years, we have added features after features, and the navigations are all over the place.

In the new Members Area, the links are reorganized into ‘4 ways to make money‘ and ‘6 ways to boost leads‘.

I hope that it is now clear to members. If you want to make money, go explore the 4 ways. If you want leads, go explore the 6 ways. As before, details can be found in each section.

2. Click And Credit Stats

We’ve also added a ‘My Clicks & Credits‘ statistic page.

On this page, you can monitor your daily clicks and credits and have a clear idea of where your clicks and credits come from.

3. Usage limitation for Free Members

We have imposed some limits to the use of certain features. In particular, TRT Rotators, TRT Adbars and PopupXpert Campaigns are limited to 10 for Free Members.

These limits only affect a handful of ‘heavy-user’ Free Members. Pro Members are unaffected.

I want to highlight that TRT Links are NOT limited for both Free and Pro Members. My intention is to keep TRT Links free to use forever.

4. Pro Member Feature – Top Recommendations Booster

If you are a Pro Member, make sure that you set up your Top Recommendations.

Your Top Recommendations will now be shown to your 10-levels of downlines, including your Spillover Downlines. It is a great way to share with them the programs that you believe in.

5. Credit Card Payment Option

Since Paypal stopped supporting the Traffic Exchange industry, we have been actively adding more payment options. We added Payza and SolidTrustPay, but both requires members to have a verified account with these processors and that has been a pain.

Then we added payment via LeadsLeap balance. It is a good way for those with consistent income.

Finally, we added direct credit/debit card subscription. Now anyone can upgrade immediately using their credit/debit card, without having to subscribe to any third party processor.

Take a look at your new Members Area. I hope you like the changes we’ve made. As many sections are re-coded, if you experience any bug, please open a support ticket. We will fix it asap.

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  1. Pete Ade

    Amazing how seamless the transition was. Almost though I was in the back office of a different program.

    Very newbie friendly navigation menu
    Easy to understand, well organized.
    Also very viewer friendly color schemes.

    Thanks for the major Change.

    Just love it. Couldn’t be better.

  2. Rafael Rosario

    Hi Kenneth, Admin.

    I love this new Cool Look that you have given to LeadsLeap. Specially the ‘Must Look Brilliant Colors’ of the different drafts, which lets you know “Where Your At” and “Where You Can Be”.

    Great Job. Keep it Going.


  3. Tony

    Vast improvement, much easier to navigate and find what your looking for. As always LeadsLeap just gets better and better. The changes for FREE members makes sense and they still have unlimited and very powerful tracking, so overall gets a thumbs up from me!

  4. Jason Descheneaux

    Kenneth! You rock my friend! Leads Leap is #1 traffic system in my book. Anyone sleeping on Leads Leap is really missing out. The new layout is a little confusing for me but I will get used to it. I’m sure new members will find it easier to navigate the site this way. Good work!

  5. Prajjwal

    Hmm, New Members Area looking powerful than before found some new features.
    Well, I’m a new member, But I really impressed from your site. It is so useful.

    Excellent Work!

  6. Bernadette Jomuad

    I really love the system.Im a newbie and i love visiting this site everyday.You learn and earn very nice.

  7. Cristian Selejan

    A BIG BS…

    The link cloacker with ad bar was a rare and excelent tool. Bad stupid decision to remove it!!!

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Hi Cristian,

      The link cloaker system has been replaced by the TRT system, which also comes with ad bar.

  8. Shubham

    I just found this blog for the first time and I truly love this blog. A lot of value has been already shared here. So I am going to catch all the value ASAP and use it.

    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing value man :)


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