How To Find Testimonials For Your Presell Page

Last week we discussed how to write an affiliate presell page and one reader asked “how to find testimonials for the presell page”. I thought this is an interesting topic and many of you probably have the same question.

So in today’s blog, let’s discuss the different ways to find testimonials for your presell page….

1) Your own testimonial

There is no doubt that the best testimonial is from your personal experience with the product. You can provide your own proof, such as earning or traffic screenshots, to show the prospects that what you’re promoting is indeed a good product that works.

But if you are promoting hundred and one things, or you’ve just started an online opportunity, it’s almost impossible for you to have your own testimonial. In that case, you need to resort to other creative alternatives.

2) Get from the product seller

I briefly discussed this last week. You can either use testimonials from the product sales page or email the product seller for more testimonials.

Given a choice, it’s better not to use the same testimonials as the ones in the product sales page. The reason is obvious – you don’t want your prospects to see that those testimonials are not independent.

Most product sellers will be happy to facilitate you with more testimonials, with photographs if you request. Some sellers even have a dedicated page that lists down all the testimonials they’ve received. You can select those that are not used in the sales page for your presell page.

3) Get from other product users

Google for “ProductName forum” and you are likely to find people discussing about the product you are promoting.

Users of the product are likely to share their experience with the product. Your job is to gather the positive feedbacks and use them as the ‘independent’ testimonials in your presell page.

Some forums even have moderators reviewing the product. If a moderator gives a thumb up for the product, his review is also a good testimonial that you can use.

4) Get from other affiliate marketers

Google for “ProductName review” and you are likely to find other marketers’ presell pages promoting the same product.

This is a good source for you because they are likely to write a lot of good things about the product.

Some marketers even provide their personal screenshots as proof that the product works. If you find such a presell page, bingo! Borrow their screenshots and quote their testimonials in your presell page.

5) Get video testimonials

Last but not least, search YouTube! Video testimonial is powerful. If you can find someone giving a video testimonial on the product, use it!

How To Make Other People’s Testimonials Look Like Yours, Without Cheating

This article will not be complete without the following discussion.

So far I’ve discussed the different ways to find testimonials for your presell page, and most of them are other people’s testimonials. To increase the conversion rate, you need to make those testimonials look like yours, so as to make the prospects think that you are recommending the product because you’ve benefited from it.

No, you are not going to cheat and claim that those testimonials are yours!

The trick is through the smart use of words.

For example, say if you just manage to find an earning screenshot and 3 other testimonials, you can easily create a presell page with a headline that says “If A 19 Year Old Girl Can Earn $9,285 In One Month Spending Less Than 5 Hours A Week, So Can You. Proof Below……“. Below this headline, show the earning screenshot. Next, say something like “Don’t just believe in me. Check out what my peers are saying about this product….“. List down the 3 testimonials you’ve gathered. Finally, add a link that says something like “Get Your Instant Access To The Same System That We Use”

That’s it. Technically, I never say that I’m the 19 year old girl with the screenshot proof. I also never say that I am making that kind of money. Lastly I didn’t say that I know those people who give the testimonials. But through the smart use of words, I manage to create an impression that I’m that 19 year old girl with that kind of income, having other friends equally benefiting from the product, now highly recommending the product to you.

15 thoughts to “How To Find Testimonials For Your Presell Page”

  1. Excellent ideas on creative testimonials. I’m wondering if you should give credit to those forums that you’ve gotten the testimonials from? Or just the people who are making the comment? Are comments from testimonials fair game? Not sure about that but I do also like the idea of googling for product reviews, too.

    Thanks again!


  2. I like to fit the testimonials into a story like on my website I linked here. By sharing actual experiences in video form and then bringing people into your dream for the future, it lets them see themselves in the same picture and has very powerful emotional impact. Everyone knows people buy with emotion and defend with logic, so quit selling with numbers and use dreams.

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    This really is some awesome info. I need testimonials since I usually make my own sales pages and I never thought to get them from forums before.

    The people in forums love the idea as well because I get all their info and it gives them some link love back to the opportunity or product they are promoting.

    Win-Win for all concerned!

    Thanks again,

    Lynne Gordon

  4. Howdy,

    Mike Beletro from Marketing TNT here on behalf ot the Lazy Marketers Club.

    If you’ve read the article closely and understood what Kenneth is suggesting in the last part, you hopefully realize that you should not give a that much on testimonials at all …

    Because imho they are mostly plain fake or just the usual Internet and Affiliate Marketing suspects, testifying each other how great their products are …lol.

    It’s all pretty see-through if you’re in the know …

    Thus i highly recommend you to refrain from unethical activities and marketing sins like making “Other People‚Äôs Testimonials Look Like Yours”.



  5. You are completely right about the power of testimonials !

    That’s why our company (BBC) appealed to Our Clients ( Our-clients is an online tool that makes it easy to collect testimonials from your clients and keep them up-to-date.

    The testimonials are completely trustworthy thanks to the fact that not only you but also your clients have control on what is published. And testimonials have to be updated or confirmed every 12 months. So you end up with a list of testimonials that are real and recent. Only those will convince your prospects.

  6. I’ve found that cooperative promotions with websites can have a very positive impact.

    But if it isn’t optimized for users, you’ll never find long-term growth of regular visitors.

  7. I really enjoyed this article. Yes, testimonials do spark more interest especially when they are true. Being open and honest in testimonials is so very important. It is not good to make false claims and then your referrals, customers, and/or affiliates find out otherwise.

  8. An interesting topic and an important one. I remember when the government passed some bills regarding falsely posting testimonials. Not advisible to do so. It could hurt you wallet if caught doing so. Just play by the rules and sleep well at night :)

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