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Since we launched LeadsLeap widget, I’ve received several questions asking how to add widget to wordpress blog.

Instead of answering these questions in private, I think it’s easier for me to post the answer in our blog.

First, if you are using a hosted blog on, you can’t add a javascript Widget like LeadsLeap Widget.

In this article, we are talking about self-hosted WordPress blog, one that you install on your own server.

Also, as WordPress has several versions and they upgrade quite regularly, what’s described below may be a little different from what you actually see in your WordPress Admin. But the general idea should be the same.

Clear on that? Ok, let’s start.

1) Login to your WordPress Admin as usual.

2) Using the navigation links on the left, go to Appearance > Widgets.

3) On that page, you will see Available Widgets and Main Sidebar.  Drag a ‘Text’ widget from the Available Widgets to the Main Sidebar.

4) You should now see a ‘Text’ widget in the Main Sidebar. Click on the ‘Text’ widget to expand it.

5) The expanded ‘Text’ widget should have two fields, Title and the content. Ignore the Title field. Copy and paste your LeadsLeap widget code into the second field and then click the ‘Save’ button.


Note: For best result, try to position LeadsLeap widget at the top.

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  1. Malaysian Economist


    Good explanation. I will do for my wordpress.

    For those who are using blogspot is not an issue. It is very simple process.

    Click username–>click layout–>click “Add gadget”–>click html/JavaScripy—>copy and paste your LeadsLeap widget–>SAVE.

    You can see how I do by clicking my above URL

  2. Real Online Money

    Interesting, thanks for showing the code to handle this. I came across another blog that had similar information but it didn’t really show step by step graphics like you did. Thanks for that!

  3. blogger tips

    This is the first time i am seeing wordpress cp since i am using only blogger platform…

    Which is better?

    Some says blogger is still better? what you think?

  4. Poll Widget

    This is useful. I personally feel blogger has made it easier for the end users to add widgets than wordpress. Also, actually I am looking for a way to create widgets for wordpress that people can embed in their blog posts. This is for my polling site. Currently I give html code to post, I would like to convert it into embeddable widget.

  5. Randy Felts

    Thanks Kenneth for getting me out of my comfort zone. I’ve tried installing things to my blig before, and had to have my blog reinstalled. Your directions were stupendous (:


    Randy Felts

  6. buy hot buns hair

    this is a very informative article that leads with the methods to share widget on word press. its a good effort by you and the screenshots have helped people to get more information. thank you for sharing this online . keep updating.

  7. Tame Bear

    I replaced my previous (working) Leads Leap Widget with new 2.0 code… and now it’s broken. :( Here is the message I am getting:


    You don’t have permission to access /w/php.php on this server.

    Looks like your javascript wants to use the PHP on every hosting site’s server? (Obviously my server does not give you access to a local “w” folder.) Could you solve this problem by using a full URL to the file you’re after on your own domain’s server?

    ~ Peter Oakley (aka: “Tame Bear”)

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Hi Peter,

      The php file is on our server, not on your server. There should be some other error.

      Can you send a support ticket to us with the url where the Widget is posted? We will troubleshoot for you asap.


  8. sell my miles

    I have tried a lot to add a widget to my wordpress blog. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that. After reading this article it is very clear how to add widget to wordpress blog. I tried this method. Keep sharing such posts!

  9. Tom Clough

    Thank you for the instructions. I have added the widget to 2 sites and it displays fine.

    My only problem is that, while the widget is on the sites and I tried clicking the link to make sure they work – they do – I still get a notification that I have not installed it.

    “You have not added LeadsLeap Widget 2.0 to your website…”

    So, it seems that even though the widget is there, I am not getting credit for any clicks on it.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Hi Tom,

      Can you send a support ticket in your member’s area, with the url where the widget is added? I’ll check for you asap.


  10. Jack

    Could not make it work.
    Tried both as “Text” widget, and as an “Ad Codes” widget, which said “Paste any type of code” including javascript. Doesn’t work with either. Just says “Saving” but never finishes saving.

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      I believe you have contacted our support and we’ve fixed it for you. If not, please contact our support. We have a fix for this issue.

  11. Harga Hp GSM

    I just so confused with my new themes,,, when I open my site in mobile phone, I lost my widget… how to fix it ? But, my themes so responsible and fast load. Now I used old themes, however, my new themes was eror to use widget .. sorry, Indonesian here, cant english well :)


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