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Google Adsense Marketing (Proof: $200 A Day)

One decision that I made in September 2006 was to embark on the trend of Google Adsense marketing, i.e. building content websites to make money with Adsense.

3 years have past. This month, September 2009, I broke my first $200 a day in my Adsense account. See my account screenshot below:

One year ago, in September 2008, I would be happy to see a $100-day Adsense earning. See my September 2008 screenshot below:

Though I make more money from other online businesses, if you ask me which business is my favourite, I’ll tell you it’s Adsense marketing!

Here’s why I prefer Adsense marketing over all my other online businesses……

1. I don’t have to worry about the day-to-day customer support, client support etc. Almost no maintenance required.

2. I can ignore my Adsense sites for months (or perhaps years) if I choose to.

3. The traffic to these Adsense sites seems to increase every month (100% SEO traffic). With my busy schedule everyday, I hardly have time to promote these sites, not to mention adding more contents.

4. Last but not least, my earnings from Adsense marketing seem to keep on increasing months after months, even during one of the worst economic crisis!

With the economy recovering, I have no doubt that one day, Adsense marketing will become my main source of income.

For those of you who are keen to take on the path of Adsense marketing, let me share with you some of my pitfalls and blessings in Adsense marketing.

My Pitfalls In Adsense Marketing

1. Believing that those plug-and-play Adsense marketing programs are better

During the initial months when I started on Adsense marketing, I doubted if my method was correct. I bought into several plug-and-play Adsense marketing programs by those experts in the industry, thinking that they know better.

I wasted a few months and some money in those programs. Since then, I stopped thinking that the grass is greener on the other side!

2. Expecting every site to do equally well

I was lucky to have my first 2 or 3 sites turn out to be successful. But subsequently, I had many sites that were not performing as well as I expected. Being doubtful and ensure, I purchased more books and tried other tactics. That was bad because new tactics slowed down my momentum and those sites built with the new tactics have different layout and are hard to mass-manage now.

Now I am ‘immune’ to failed sites. Just keep building and keep promoting the same way that I used to do. Some will become a cash cow soon; some may take a year, some may never. I learn to treat my Adsense sites as an integrated business. So long as the total earnings grow, I’m not worried about the performance of individual site.

My Blessings In Adsense Marketing

1) Getting the right article source

Creating content website from scratch is very time consuming. First you have to do keyword research; then you have to write articles before putting articles into a website.

My solution to this chore is to use private label articles, aka PLR articles.

In my Adsense marketing history, I have tried not less than 3 PLR article suppliers. Only one works for me - PLRPRO.

I attribute my Adsense success to the keyword research done by PLRPRO. As the PLR articles are written based on high demand, low competition keywords, all I need to do is to rewrite the articles and optimize for the keywords given. That’s a great time-saver for me.

2) Having found two effective link building services

With the number of sites I have on the net, it’s very easy for me to test which link building service delivers and which doesn’t. I usually test link building services on a massive scale and if a service works, I’ll see my Adsense income jumps significantly in the following months.

Two programs that are proven to work are 3waylinks and Linkvana. These two programs have saved a lot of my time in link building.

Let Me Guide You To Success……

For those of you who decide to take on either PLRPRO, 3waylinks or Linkvana services through my referral, email the receipt to support[at], with the subject “My PLRPRO Bonus”, “My 3waylinks Bonus” or “My Linkvana Bonus”.

For PLRPRO and 3waylinks, I’ll give you a special report detailing exactly what I do to promote my Adsense sites. For Linkvana, I’ll give you a special report on how I ’simplify’ the use of Linkvana.

I hope my experience in Adsense Marketing can help you somehow.

Update: Several comments below ask me who many Adsense marketing sites I have. I have slightly more than100. Hardly add more nowadays. But this number should mean nothing to you. The key is if you can make 1 cent, you can make $100. You just need to multiply the effort and ‘wait’.

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    Comment by Tali
    2009-09-25 19:10:34

    Thanks for your insight into adsense. It is great to know adsense is still well and alive.

    I would however like to know how many sites you had to build to earn $200/day…..

    Comment by Control Alt Elite
    2010-08-16 16:17:25

    The question was asked many times already, but I could find no answer. How many sites do you have to achieve such results in Google’s program? If that is a sensitive question, could you give us at least a range? around 10, 50, 100, 300?

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2010-08-19 23:32:10

    The answer is the 20/80 rule. 20% of your websites will earn 80% of your adsense earning.

    If you see any sales letter, gurus will tell you see, this website makes $1000 a month from adsense. But what they didn’t show is many other sites are making peanuts.

    So, how many sites you need to achieve $200 a day? My answer, about 10 winning sites. But to have these 10 winning sites, you probably need to build 100 sites.

    2009-09-25 19:58:33

    There you go again Kenneth!
    Unselfishly sharing your online personal success stories with LeadsLeap blog visitors.
    I’ve got to laugh though.
    Here you are celebrating your first $200+ Google Adsense day in three years.
    I can remember the utter joy I felt when I raised my first $0.04 cents in a day with Google Adsense.
    Yes - that is 4 cents!
    My thrill at the time wasn’t from the amount, but rather the fact that I had successfully activated a process which had ‘made money online’.
    I knew then that if I could generate 4 cents, I could generate $40 or even $100 in a day, if I was persistent in repeating what works.
    You have shared with us three components of ‘what works’ for you.
    Anybody who has up to this point in time declared, ‘you cannot make money online’ has no one to blame but themselves if they don’t take you up on your offer.

    Comment by Ron
    2009-09-25 23:53:34

    Thanks as always Kenneth,

    This is very helpful information and it helps confirm the good buzz surrounding Linkvana.

    I was wondering if you could describe the design/layout of your adsense sites themselves. This is another crucial factor. For example, do you use wordpress? Is this information covered in the bonus?



    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-09-26 09:24:45

    I use static sites, not blog. It’s easier to manage. Yes, a lot more info in my bonus. I try to give as much details as possible because I want to make sure that you can be successful.

    Comment by Article Rewrite
    2009-09-26 00:45:18

    Yet there is also the possibility of someone taking advantage of the easy money process that this internet marketing is doing. Article Rewrite

    Comment by Chris
    2009-09-26 01:36:22

    I too am working on PLR adsense sites. The one thing no one ever talks about is HOW MANY you need to achieve an average of $25 per day, 50, 100 or 200 per day. Of course it varies because of the keywords you use, the value of the ad click etc.

    I am just wondering how many sites you have up to average 200 per day, my guess is at least 100 sites, as some perform better than others etc.


    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-09-26 09:27:42

    Yes, about 100. It takes time for the sites to grow. If you build 100 sites in one month, you won’t see such income. But if you do the necessary link building and wait for 2 years, you should not be too far from this target.

    Comment by Alex Yeo
    2009-09-28 02:48:59

    Some people may sulk for having to wait for 2 years. But if think about it logically, after 2 years you have $6000/month passively. This is extremely good ROI. Good stocks also can’t give you so much profits.

    Comment by Jill Webb
    2009-09-26 02:06:02

    Thank you for sharing this information Kenneth - and congratulations on your first $200 a day. That is some going! I’ve just started researching how I can get started with creating and developing my own Adsense sites so this article has come at just the right time for me. I will definitely be bookmarking this page and following your advice.

    Comment by Sell Your Mobile
    2009-09-26 02:07:59

    Well you don’t really need more sites. You can get around that by just creating more pages. Every new page you make is like a new site in a way. You would have to build up rank for that new page like you would a new site/domain anyway.

    I looked into that 3way links app and even though the intitial price is good I can’t afford to pay that much every month. Not unless I know it will return that but it’s the work involved as well isn’t it.

    Comment by Debbie Ducker
    2009-09-26 02:13:59

    Thanks Kenneth! Great stuff… Really appreciate your help.

    Comment by Vadim Demchenko
    2009-09-26 05:10:50

    Thank you for the useful information!

    Comment by Max Ikbal
    2009-09-26 07:51:25

    Exactly how many adsense sites do you have Ken? Could you provide an example of one of your sites?

    Comment by Julie Stoddard
    2009-09-26 08:01:56

    Like you, my favorite aspect of Adsense is that I’m able to leave my leaves unattended for weeks and continue see money coming in. I love it!

    Comment by Rich
    2009-09-26 08:20:11

    Congratulations Kenneth, job well done.
    Here is why I like reading your blog ” I can ignore my Adsense sites for months (or perhaps years) if I choose to”.
    Oh sh$#! I have been busy on-line that I forget about my own sites until I read your blog. Adsense does have some really good qualities.

    Thanks Kenneth

    Comment by samantha
    2009-09-26 13:28:00

    I checked out plr pro from a previous adsense post you made. I still am in the learning phase so no consistent profit is coming in. Once that comes in I plan on investing on plr pro. another great post kenneth!

    Comment by delords The Blogger
    2009-09-26 18:02:04

    Congrats Ken on such a good Feet you have achieved on Adsense,
    and thanks for sharing some little secret, am working on getting to $50 per day in Adsense.

    Comment by pawan
    2009-09-26 22:45:50

    Hi Ken !
    As an example, may I request you to let me visit couple of your Adsense sites pl ? Would you pl suggest/recommend me a good mentor to learn Adsense from scratch. I do not know html. I would like to learn how to quickly build sites and maintain them. Shall be grateful of your advice. Rgds.,

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-09-29 17:04:04

    1) I suggest you invest in PLRPRO. The owners are dedicated to help to succeed. It is not a fly-by-night membership.
    2) You don’t need to know html to start, since all the tools needed are given in the membership. But you should try to pick up html as you go along.

    Comment by Kim
    2009-09-27 00:23:07

    Congratulations Kenneth on reaching a fantastic milestone of $200 a day from adsense. I notice you say that you use static sites instead of others and that you sometimes do not visit for months. I was under the impression that Google penalized for static sites in their search results. How do you get past that? Also was wondering if you could share just one of your site links with us so we could see better what these sites look like? Thank you for sharing with us once again and for your time and consideration.


    Comment by James
    2009-09-27 00:54:38

    Congrats kenneth. Adsense is a good way to make passive income.
    But you really need alot of websites to make $200 a day. I am lucky to make $1 a day from adsense. I still prefer affiliate marketing where you can easily make $20 a day. The trick is to drive alot of traffic to what you are promoting.

    Comment by nick lee
    2009-09-27 14:11:37

    Great! a motivational post for a adsenser (got this word?) like me.

    I embark on adsense for the reason of selling contents. Passive income in the future. as of now, i am trying to break the $5 barrier/day.

    As of now, i am having delords as my aim of hitting $50/day!

    Comment by Get Wealthy
    2009-09-27 14:49:56

    To help your readers for newbies to get inspired and encouraged, pls refer to this article

    It might help them out with their queries or

    Hope you find it helpful! Though, it’s not as big as Kenneth’s.

    Get Wealthy with Google Adsense!

    2009-09-27 20:12:25

    Kenneth..your articles are Always a Help and You Never cease to amaze me with Your Knowledge! I find Adsense a great residual earner too but am more interested in buyers ‘viewing MY offers’.Not Earning HUGE amounts at Present..but Give it Time!
    I’m certainly FOLLOWING!

    2009-09-28 21:32:48

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for sharing with us! An excellent

    I’ll be re-thinking Adsense and applying
    it to some of my sites.

    Best wishes,

    Comment by Tim
    2009-09-29 16:13:16

    Thanks for the insider info, will be pushing my adsense now $-)

    Comment by Niranjan Ranade
    2009-09-30 00:37:38

    Dear Kenneth, please write e-book on Adsense Marketing. Loyal members like me will happily buy (and promote) it. We respect your knowledge and admire your success very much!

    Comment by Chuck Swope
    2009-09-30 09:11:53

    Yes, I agree. An E-book about making money with adspace would be most welcome.

    Comment by Franklin Banker
    2009-09-30 02:13:42

    I am totally stoked to repeat your success. I recently tripled my Adsense income by following some advice I got from the Adsense team directly by email. Your post has started me to think about more possibilities and I definitely have been inspired by your success.

    I am going to make my goal 300 a day. I also wanted to add that I have one good affiliate program that I barely use and still make money with it - excellent company - and I am going to do a combination promotion with Adsense and this company’s products.

    $300 at day by - well, er, umm - June of 2010

    Comment by Michael A.
    2009-09-30 03:23:15

    I want to check out all your information ..I hope it will help my business

    Comment by ElvinTiong
    2009-09-30 13:08:18

    Hi, Kenneth

    Congrat to you!
    You share good points about adsense benefits. I’ll need to learn a lot from you.

    Hoping that I can achieve it also one day.


    Comment by Scott
    2009-09-30 13:40:55

    Hi, I have been trying to find information on link building and adsence refinement for my forum site. Every where I look the articles are talking about bloging sites. What about the forum sites that are not set up like bloging. Can the same tactics be used? I do have an add as an article catagory that shows up as a small capture on my front page with the rest in the catagory post linked. Can I use this like a blog site?

    Would also like to know if there are good alternatives to link building useing free methods? It’s kind of hard for the newbie to shell out the money for the link building services right off the start.

    If you would like to check out the site to see what I mean about add as article you can go to

    Comment by Marianne
    2009-09-30 17:39:02

    I would LOVE to be making $200 a day from Adsense. I am not even close yet, but this brings me some GREAT ideas and HOPE!!! Your timeline helps too, it isn’t an overnight thing. Thanks so much!!


    Comment by Larry Johnson
    2009-09-30 22:51:37

    Hi Kenneth,
    I liked this post, and I,m reposting to my blog so my readers can read also.
    Thanks and please have a wonderful day.

    Comment by diditdof
    2009-09-30 23:32:23

    How many websites with adsense on it that you have to achieve $200 a day ? ( sorry, i’m only a newbie ) Thank you.

    Comment by Jun Dimaano
    2009-09-30 23:43:15

    This inspire me to move again in adsense. Way to go.

    2009-10-01 01:27:25

    Congratulations Kenneth! Your post just goes to show hat perseverance pays off, and all things are possible if you work at hard enough. Congratulations on your milestone and thanks for sharing your success with us. It is appreciated.

    Comment by Riza
    2009-10-02 17:29:11

    A very interesting post Kenneth. It reminds me to keep motivated and building my websites.

    Comment by acne care
    2009-10-03 16:04:50

    Congratulations for making the first $200 a day target. I don’t know when I’ll reach that. I admit I’ve not done it the right way. Sadly, yy income from adsense since I started a year back is only US17++, well better than zero…Anyhow thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Why not give us a link to your adsense sites for our case study?

    Comment by Gerhard
    2009-10-04 17:20:16

    Hi Kenneth

    What an inspiration. That means if I have a website or blog that is making a steady income I can multiply that same recipe and will eventually reach my goals.

    Patience, patience and hard work! Do not believe every new program the “gurus” are trying to sell.

    Comment by WrappedNewby
    2009-12-11 04:08:29

    Hi Kenneth and commentators.
    I started promoting a product (APIC) 10 days ago and created my website at the same time. My site (shame) is now Adsense approved but I didn’t bother setting it up as I was concentrating on my content. Thank you for your valuable posts.Thank you also to your readers, I learn from you too.

    I’m of to go create and insert that Google HTML!

    Comment by search job
    2010-01-29 18:08:39

    Thanks for your great info about Adsense. I would like to make money from Adsense too but I don ‘t know how to start. Could you tell me more info about it?

    Comment by Tonks
    2010-02-19 07:36:59

    Nice. I would like to try this. A little extra money never hurt.

    Comment by Oyun Forum
    2010-05-20 01:51:04

    Thanks man ……………………

    2010-06-22 17:18:49

    yeah! I am earning from Adsense too…..but my daily earnings is on average 6 Dollars!!! :(

    But I know…….oneday i will be developed more and will be skyrocketed my income.

    2010-06-22 18:21:29

    Kenneth, you always offer Great, Solid but more importantly..HONEST Advise to those just starting or wanting to learn ‘more’ of the Marketing and ADSENSE Industry.
    Thanks for a Terrific Read..yet again

    Kind regards
    Kat xx

    2010-07-24 12:57:48

    Every day Internet companies look more and more like traditional companies as they are forced to reveal things that were OK to keep secret because, well, that’s the Internet. Those days are long gone especially for a company the makes the amount of money and has the level of influence that Google does. It looks like people just don’t trust that Google’s ‘Do No Evil’ mantra is being applied. Ahhh, the price of history-making levels of success, right?

    Comment by Economic news
    2010-08-24 06:44:27

    Thanks for your insights. I hope they will help me on my way in internet marketing.

    Comment by hot trend news
    2010-09-18 23:57:05

    wow its really huge earning per day, i hope i can get that earning as soon as possible with all my efforts

    2010-09-29 22:56:28

    My earnings from Adsense averages $20/day but with effective applications of the lessons I learn here, I think I will get into $30/day before the year ends. PLRPRO, 3waylinks and Linkvana are good business tools worth to try.

    Comment by kehinde
    2010-10-27 20:05:16

    thanks for your shared experience

    2011-03-26 02:00:23

    Congrats kenneth. Adsense is an effective way to make passive income.
    But you actually need alot of websites to make $200 a day. I am fortunate to make $1 a day from adsense. I nonetheless desire affiliate marketing the place you can simply make $20 a day. The trick is to drive alot of site visitors to what you’re promoting.
    Aishwarya Rai Hot

    Comment by ismail
    2011-03-31 22:59:17

    Great job thats…

    I’m really inspiring by your articles. I hope i can also get money like you from adsense.

    Comment by Cash for Gold
    2011-10-18 18:04:37

    I run a Google campaign, while i don’t think mine is that competitive i still pay around $3 a click.

    Comment by joyiman
    2011-12-19 17:36:22

    Thank you for sharing this article. I hope to be like you

    Comment by TheGreenovator
    2012-03-18 03:47:55

    I appreciate the information and pep talk on how to earn a living with adsense marketing. I myself have been struggling and any helpful information is worth reading.

    Comment by Endlesslove
    2012-06-21 21:27:32

    Thanks of sharing.
    For about a week my earnings per click drop to $0.10-$0.15/click…for both websites. I mean I didn`t see a click of more than $0.50 for over a week. I`m using Adsense for almost an year and this never happen until now.

    Comment by sumathi D
    2012-11-29 20:10:00

    for me it took 3 years to get my first 100$ , this year i am making almost 400+ every month.

    Comment by tecmoz
    2013-07-12 13:57:11

    First I would like to thank you for this post. This post will definitely encourage me for doing adsense.

    2013-11-16 01:08:49

    It’s enormous that you are getting ideas from this article as well as from our
    argument made at this time.

    Comment by articles rewrite
    2014-02-09 14:58:37

    Howdy this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors
    or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no
    coding experience so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience.
    Any help would be enormously appreciated!

    Comment by Amelie
    2014-04-07 00:59:22

    Nice blog right here! Additionally your site lots up
    fast! What web host are you using? Can I am getting your associate link to your host?
    I want my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

    2014-05-23 02:05:33

    Hi there, I check your blog like every week.
    Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing what
    you’re doing!

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