Change In Our Payment Processor


I have been thinking for a long time how to write this announcement. I think I will just be frank and direct.

From now on, we will use Payza as our payment processor. No more Paypal.

If you want to know what has happened, read the next section below. Otherwise, skip to ‘What To Do Now‘.

What Has Happened?

Last Friday, our Paypal account was limited due to violation of Paypal’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).

I was puzzled because I honestly didn’t think that we’d done anything wrong. I thought they had misunderstood us as an ‘ad pack’ system.

I wrote them a long letter explaining why we are not an ‘ad pack’ or matrix or mlm or ponzi system.

At the same time, within 24 hours, we replaced our payment system with Payza.

I’m glad to see that members continue to upgrade via Payza. Thank you! Thank you!

The Paypal AUP department was closed on Saturday and Sunday. We couldn’t do anything on those two days.

On Monday, we received an email from them saying that they were looking into our appeal.

On Tuesday, our appeal was rejected. They said that our program pays members to read ads. The only way to remove the limit on our Paypal account is to remove Paypal from our system.

We did as told.

On Thursday morning, the limit was removed. Our account was restored.

Can We Win Paypal Back?

Yes. Paypal is actually open for discussion.

They don’t like the idea that we pay members to view ads. I think they are worried that we may become another ‘Traffic Monsoon’.

If we remove the pay-to-click component of our program, i.e. members will earn credits for traffic, not for cash, there is a very high chance that Paypal will approve us again.

Will that affect the ad traffic? Definitely. But I believe there are always other ways to encourage members to view ads. Monetary incentive is just one of them.

Should we make that move, we will allow members to cash out all their earnings with no minimum requirement, and we will run the system as a traffic exchange system with no pay-to-click component.

This is an important decision. I hope to hear your opinion on this.

What To Do Now?

For now, Paypal is history. All payments will now be made through Payza.

In the future, should Paypal approve us again, we will have both Paypal and Payza. But for now, Payza is the only option.

Here are what you need to do now.

1) Add your Payza email

Go to My Profile and enter your Payza email.

All cash out will be sent to your Payza account now. If you do not have a Payza account yet, create one here.

2) Change your subscription to Payza

For existing Pro Members who used Paypal, you will have to change the subscription to Payza.

We want to make the transition as simple as possible. All you have to do is go to

and subscribe from there.

Only existing Pro members can access this link.

When you do that, our system will calculate your remaining days from the last subscription, convert those days as free trial, and your next payment will only start from the end of your last subscription.

We will manually check through every transaction from this link and make sure that there is no duplicated payments. If there is, we will refund you within 24 hours.

If you do not have a Payza account and need time to set up one, send us a support ticket. We will keep your Pro Account active while you set up your account.

Last But Not Least…

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. This thing caught us by surprise and we did our best to minimize the impact.

Now I need to think hard whether to remove the ptc component and win Paypal back. I hope you can share your thought with me.

Share your thoughts

  1. Najib Ben Massoud

    I think it’s better to remove Paypal, it’s better to use Payza, Paypal have a lot of problems with many trusted making money sites, and it freeze the accounts without logical reasons mostly. I don’t see any reasonable cause to freeze the leadsleap Paypal account. I don’t think that removing the ptc component will be the best choice, many members usually click to earn cash in addition with traffic, i think using only Payza will be the best deal.

  2. Anderson Goncalves

    I can see that Paypal has frozen the accounts of sites that in some way ‘reward’ their members to view ads either in cash or advertising credits. Many trusted Safelists and Traffic Exchanges owners who have never paid cash as a reward on their sites have had their Paypal accounts frozen and were told to remove Paypal from their sites. I like how LeadsLeap is designed and how it generates results for my advertising campaigns. I think removing the cash rewards would drastically affect the flow of traffic. Paypal misunderstood what Safelists and Traffic exchanges are. Let’s give them some time to figure that out. In the meantime, I think most of us are good with Payza. Alternatively there are other good payment options that could be implemented like Bitcoin and SolidTrust…

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Oh, is that the case? Based on what they told me, it is only the cash component that they frown upon. It will be another hit for us if we remove the ptc component and yet they still refuse to approve us. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Christian


    Thanks for the update, that is too bad that Paypal has made this decision.

    I will create a Payza account and I really think you should keep your PTC option.

      1. dalibor marković

        Thanks for the update, that is too bad that Paypal has made this decision.

        I will create a Payza account and I really think you should keep your PTC option.

  4. David MacGregor

    My view would be to not change how LeadsLeap works, as that could be more disruptive than changing payment processors.

    I’ve been with Payza since it was AlertPay and have always found it a useful service. One benefit worth mentioning, with this change, is that withdrawals can be made from Payza to Bitcoin. For me this is an ideal situation as I often want to increase my Bitcoin balance :) And a Payza account can also be funded with Bitcoin, another benefit in my opinion.

    Given the many cases of people and companies having their PayPal accounts closed down, I think it makes sense to implement this change moving forward.

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Yes, thanks for mentioning Bitcoin. A few members have been asking if we can accept Bitcoin. Now we can, thanks to Payza.

  5. Gavin Evans

    I think the secret is to not allow payment processors to rule the way your business runs. Members clearly like the way Leadsleap is currently running so let PayPal go. They are certainly not the be all and end all!

  6. Vesna

    I’m sorry, I will not use Payza because they do not pay money to my bank account. Through their account I can not do anything, not even to buy on the Internet. It’s a shame, because this is the best site and I’m turning more people into it. Some have earned money and now you can not use.
    To me, Payza worst option, because they do not pay money to Bosnia and Herzegovina

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      How about SolidTrustPay? We can look into that as well. Does that work for you?

        1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

          Looks like many members are suggesting STP. We will look into it asap. Hope that the set up is as easy as Payza.

    2. Anita

      Agree, I only use Paypal for my online transaction, Paypal is safe and secure, I think all of TOS of Paypal for protect us from fraud or something unexpected.

  7. Bill Nickerson

    At this point I am not really interested in the cash aspect of LeadsLeap, although I understand it does bring some traffic. I have been thinking about jumping in on Pro, but I’m not quite ready to do that now. While I don’t relish having to jump into another payment processing system, it is probably wise to get involved in Payza anyways in case I need to use something other than PayPal down the road to accept payments for some reason.

    My “vote” is that you keep the site working the way that works best for you. It never hurts to have options for payment, but you also have to consider administration costs and time. You’ll also have to consider what is important for your members as well.

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Thanks for your vote, Bill.

      Yes, it is always good to get involved in other payment processors as an individual or business. We managed to replace Paypal with Payza within 24 hours before we already had a Payza account and as an approved site. Imagine if we were to create a new Payza account, the entire approval process will definitely take more than 24 hours.

  8. john renner

    Just as I thought that this would happen along the way. My view on Leadsleap is that it will not change how it works already as it would affect the flow of traffic and the membership base especially for the free members because aside from earning credits to advertise their own business and earn money. Change in payment processor is okay for me except it would only have lots of fees from receiving payment, depositing, withdrawals and currency conversion fees.

  9. Nigel Barksfield

    I just lost money to PayPal with little to show for it. I don’t think they should be allowed to dictate the way Leadsleap is run. They are supposed to serve us, not we serve them. They are not doing business in the right spirit. We have Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Payza, Web Money, Payeer, to name just a few. We don’t need PayPal! Hooray for Leadsleap!

    1. Joe Sansoucie

      The fact is, Paypal, and all the other pay processors are simply a script running on a server as an interface to a merchant account.

      I can start one tomorrow with little trouble, and be like them.

      I think it’s better that we deal directly with the merchant account companies and eliminate the middle man.

      Like AOL. Who needs them to “help” us get online? We don’t.

      LL can simply get a merchant account and we all use our ATM and Credit cards to pay for services from LL. LL can pay our commissions by check.

      Its always fun to get a check in the mail and then take it to the bank and when the teller asks how you made all that money, you get a new referral to LL.

      Good plan right? :-)

      You bet!

  10. Poppie Kouremetis

    Hi Kenneth,

    Sorry to hear about PayPal, but not surprised as they didn’t process my payment for Nov. Unfortunately, Payza and I parted company over a year ago and I will never do business with them again.

    I do have subscriptions with Solid Trust Pay so if you do get set up with them, I’d be happy to become a Pro member again. Please keep us posted.


  11. Benson K. Gitonga

    I’d rather leadsleap remains the same. Many surfers get excited at the prospect of earning as they advertise their products. So this is a very good bait when promoting leadsleap.

  12. achim beda

    Hi Kenneth,

    Leads Leap is a great service since it offers users incentives in terms of traffic but also in terms of money rewards. I think that a lot of users would stop using the service if the money reward came to disappear. Changing the payment processor seems to me the better option since one should never change a winning team ;-).

    1. Joe Sansoucie

      Well… if people are only looking at our ads to get money from the act of viewing our ad, then it seems these are the people who won’t be signing up to your programs, especially if there is a fee required like MLM autoships, or subscription based upgrades that pay a commission. They are there for the pennies and are not willing to spend the dollars required to run a real business on or offline. Something to ponder for sure…

  13. Dave Pilgrim

    Thanks for taking the time to give us that detailed explanation, Kenneth. From what you said, it does sound as if PayPal are being quite open and reasonable, but as has been stated in the comments, other programs who don’t pay people to read ads have also fallen foul of PayPal so who’s to say what they will do?

    I was one of those resistant to moving to Payza because I have heard people have had bad experiences with them, too, but it’s looking increasingly like we don’t have that much choice – Payza going to be getting a lot more members and they are going to have to up their game.

    I’d be interested in hearing more views – there’s a forum in which we can discuss this further at

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Payza had some issue last year and many US users were affected. But they seem to come out of it alright. If you ask me, they have already up their game. Their merchant tools are comparable to Paypal’s.

      I am exploring SolidTrustPay now. Their IPN system is still not quite there yet.

      With Paypal now pushing business to Payza, I believe Payza will become a winner.

  14. Viki

    PayPal has become impossible. Do not look to the future rather than cling to their strict rules and then when there is no reason for it. There are so many other payment processors that work much better than PayPal. If PayPal continues this logic work I think it would be in the near future could extinguish. Only it will maintain ebay and if that something be corrupted. It should use payment processors such as Payza, PM, OKPAY and ADVCash. Here I would mention ADVCash. It has a minimum fee or missing. It is connected to many other payment processors: Payza, PM, OKPAY, Bitcoin, Paxum, Payeer, BTC-e, EXMO, e-Coin, Epes and with bank cards. ADVCash has a MasterCard card that has no maintenance fee. All transactions that are working through their cards have a minimum fee or if it is paid through POS devices in the currency of the card has no fees. I use their card and I am very pleased. You can order up to 4 cards in different currencies. There are two types of cards: virtual and plastic. The virtual card can be ordered for $ first Plastic card if the order within 7 days after registration to pay you $ 4.99 then $ 14.99. The cards are accepted in many countries and at ATMs where there is a mark Mastercard. The cards are accepted and bitcoin to replenish funds. Excellent payment processor and I would recommend it to everyone.

  15. Wolfgang

    Quite interesting comment on this issue

    Why should LL change its business model? Paypal is just a service and in many cases it isn’t even a service. Within Europe for instance we can wire money from one bank account to another within one day and with no fees at all. Paypal anyway tries to force Ebay sellers to offer paypal as payment method. Why? In order to earn money on delivering an unwanted service.
    LL should leave its business model as it is as otherwise it would allow Paypal to dictate how LL is running its business. The tail tries to wave with the dog. Ridiculous.

    But there’s something positive in paypal’s recent activities. Paypal’s activities help us to think about what we’re doing and what we’re promoting. There’re far too many programs out there who may be legit but don’t offer a real product but just a packaging for the redistribution of money. It’s absolutely up to paypal to be unhappy to serve them.

  16. Juan Wolf

    Hi Kenneth,

    In my opinion leave LeadsLeap as it is. Is fine.

    I suggest to evaluate SolidTrustPay or PayToo also as Payza has no way to transfer money to accounts, at least in Argentina.

    Kind regards,


      1. Lemont Wells

        Paypal did that to mypayingads forze their accounts for months. My only problem with Payza is they offer a debit card like paypal does. Solid Trust Pay fees are too high for thee card etc. If Payza offered a card it would be great.

        1. John Getson

          Sorry but mypayingads, like the vast majority of other revshare sites, is at best an unsustainable business model… and at worst an utter ponzi scheme… for those that are interested I have a detailed analysis available, (that proves my position using mypayingads as the case study)

          While Paypal was more than a little heavy handed in these recent changes, there is no benefit to them to cancel / freeze the accounts of any real legitimate business!

  17. Juan Wolf

    Hi Kenneth,

    I tried to pay with Payza but it was unsuccesfull because I have not the payment with creditcard option available.



  18. Ifyani Mohammad

    I think we should remove PayPal altogether. It is strange they give these reasons on why they put limitations on many TE and PTC sites out there, yet some sites are given “exceptions” to keep their business running despite being the same business model as other sites that were put on limit. PayPal might even give more illogical reasons to keep putting accounts on limit in the future. So many other sites have done away with PayPal, and are doing just fine. Maybe come up with alternative payment processors like Payeer, Perfect Money or Bitcoin.

  19. Kris Karafotas

    Yes, Paypal does not like this type of business model. Personally I could do without the earnings for viewing ads since it is so minimal, but I understand that this is a necessary move to remove Paypal in order to keep that feature. My question is that I don’t have enough money in my Payza account for my pro membership due in 7 days, so I requested a cashout from LeadsLeap. Hopefully that will arrive in my Payza account in time to pay my pro subscription? I don’t want to add a credit card to Payza and in order to get my bank confirmed again with Payza, they want you to log into your bank account by entering in your username and password to your bank on the Payza website – that is SCARY! I am not doing that! Hopefully we will not have to miss out on commissions or have a lapse in our pro membership during this transition?

    1. Edgar Allen

      Kris – I went through the process with Payza and, within days, I got a call from my bank telling me my account had been compromised and all my accounts and debit cards were frozen due to a fraud attempt. I had to immmediately drop everything, go to the bank and open all new accounts…right then! Didn’t lose any money, thank goodness. I was trying to upgrade here and had to stop that process. I can tell you this site and Kenneth could not possibly be more understanding, kind, and supportive. Kenneth is only the third admin/owner in 4 years who acted in such a responsive and caring way. So, a quick shout-out to Mark at and Vlad of BlasterSuite, too. I’ll figure out a way to get this solved even if it means I have to open a “siloed” back account. Anyway, love this site. For the record, Kris, I also think you are in that class and have a great site. Peace. Out.

  20. Betty Segneri

    Sorry to hear about Paypal. They have always been my preference.

    I will use Payza now as I do have an account. Fortunately they have added Mastercard which I can use.

    I won’t use STP. Have had trouble with them previously through my lack of logging in frequently enough, so ended up losing all I had in my account.

  21. Kay Winkler

    Sorry to hear this Paypal issue. Paypal has become too big I guess. They really think they must rule the world. Just like it is with governments interfering too much, it’s with Paypal.

    I would also say, just like many other members did as well, Solid Trust Pay in addition to Payza would be a good option for the moment. Since many people come from the Revshare business, many of them may already have at least these two accounts.

    Other than that, I am looking forward to the ongoing as it is with LeadsLeap.
    Cheers, Kay

  22. Rafael Ferreras Castillo

    Yes Paypal is a pain in the as…

    This is a new trend that is killing a lot of business online, traffic exchanges, safelist and even normal people are getting their account closed. For example my friend that only buy stuff from ebay got he account closed.

    So Paypal is becoming the Nemesis online, is better to stop using paypal and focus in other options online, Paypal is no the only one.

  23. John Getson

    One thing to consider about alternative payment processors is the preponderance of HYIP, Adpack Revshares and other “less than ethical” schemes that gravitate to some of the “less stringent: like STB, Payeer, etc.

    Simply offering that type of payment processor could raise additional red flags in the minds of prospective members that are used to completing proper due diligence BEFORE making ANY decision to join leadsleap.

    One major change that might be appropriate would be to allow membership payments to be deducted directly from earnings (PTC, sales or referral commissions,)

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Thanks John for the advice.

      Is STB a typo? Are you referring to STP?

      We have been careful on this, that’s part of the reasons why we used Paypal only in the past. Now my main concern is to find alternative processors that support most members.

      Yes, we are already working on the idea of allowing members to pay membership via earnings. In fact, we were in the process of applying for Paypal’s reference transaction feature, which will allow Pro Members to pay membership from earnings, or from their Paypal’s account only when earnings fall short. Then this limitation sets in.

      1. John Getson

        Kenneth, you are right STB should have been STP.

        Because I have had less than inspiring experiences with STP and Payza over the years I am sad to see Paypal removed… it has been and still is the processor of choice for almost all of my online income. That being said I completely realize that it is out of your hands particularly as it applies to payouts (which is why I suggested payment from earnings b considered)

        One other thing to consider (if possible) is that maybe Paypal could be to use purchase (incoming transactions) only

        1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

          We’ve added the option to upgrade using earnings. :)

          I’ve submitted 2 appeals to Paypal, both were rejected. But what is comforting to know now is that they reject our appeal not because we have done something wrong, but because they are pulling out of the entire PTC and TE market. Using Paypal for incoming transactions is what worries them most. Imagine in the case of Traffic Monsoon, the company and its funds were frozen overnight. On the other hand, they got thousands of charge back from banks and credit cards, for which they were obliged to pay back, yet they couldn’t pass the charges to the website because it was gone. They ended up having to swallow the loss. (That is my personal option of what is happening and why they do such a drastic measure of pulling out of the entire market.)

          I still haven’t given up. I’m still in discussion with them to see if there are other ways we can work together again.

          1. John Getson

            Sadly Kenneth, there is nothing preventing similar experiences as you describe “thousands of charge back from banks and credit cards, for which they were obliged to pay back, yet they couldn’t pass the charges to the website because it was gone.” from occurring with Payza and STP…

            especially in light of all the changeovers (to those processors) that is hitting TE/PTC sites… now to actually be lumped in with the already suspect and extremely risky HYIP/ Revshare/Matrix and similar sites, that were actually not even able to get Paypal approved initially.

            A ‘solution’ IMO could be to leave a reserve on deposit with paypal sufficient to cover some level of chargebacks… you have sufficient track record for them to determine an appropriate C/B rate… similar to the ‘hold’ that banks put on cheques being depositied into one’s account. Yes that might impact your business processes if they required an unreasonable length of hold, say longer than 30 days (or more than 1 subscription period payment) or an unreasonable amount (100+% of monthly revenue)… but it would usually be an either/or situation…

            Yes, difficult but still manageable…

          2. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

            Hi John, your suggestion is what we’ve proposed to Paypal. We are willing to deposit 2 months of our turnover permanently with Paypal. Still, they rejected the idea.

  24. Jacqueline Mart

    First: YES!!!! THANK YOU FOR PAYZA!!! (Its all I can use) I can’t use PayPal anymore. So now I can UPGRADE!!! I was never able to buy the upgrade before cause I could not use PayPal. Thank You! As for my site-wide opinion: I think you should leave the site AS IT and just do without PayPal altogether. Through Payza members can buy through Bitcoin which has been especially useful for me on some occasions when I had bitcoin to buy something, but nothing in my Payza balance or debit card. Have you also considered Stripe? (its a credit/debit card processor.) Also works well!

  25. Frank Bauer

    I have been false limited by PayPal in the past, stating we offered an MLM payment plan when in fact we paid only commissions on personal referrals.

    In the end, after a lot of back and forth, it was simply a misunderstanding on their part (them employing rather unintelligent SJW’s) and we got it resolved by adjusting ad copy and adding info to our site terms & conditions that state what we are not.

    “ only pays commissions on members that you have directly referred yourself. does not pay commissions on multiple levels as is NOT a multi-level marketing company.”

    Seems illogical to state what we are not, but it helped to deal with an illogical middle man.

    BTW… here is a great read about #DirtyPayPal:

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      Hi Frank,

      Didn’t know you are still around in LeadsLeap!

      What a good read. I can feel the pain in the article, especially when the author said it happened on a Friday. Last weekend was the longest weekend I had in my life!

      Glad to hear that Paypal re-approved your site.

  26. Dan Baerg

    F*** PayPal! They’ve been doing this shit to honest sites and admins for years. Keep Payza and add Solid Trust Pay and Bitcoin. Before we now it most every site that sells online will be accepting digital currencies like Bitcoin.

  27. Kevin,

    I used Paypal because my bank only has mastercard not Visa. Payza uses Visa not mastercard. That means I have to find a bank that has visa and sign up a brand new account. Have you looked at Solid Trust Pay as a second option for people like me.

    1. Kenneth (Admin) Post author

      We are still in the process of getting our Solid Trust Pay account verified. It will be added eventually. Sorry for the delay.

      Also, I just called Paypal business support again. They are looking into ways to help us. Let’s see if there is any miracle.

  28. Carlos Arguello

    What is happening to you has been happening through the Ad Industry, revenue sharing companies, Safelists, TE, TAE etc… etc…, some have been affected more than others, and I want to share with you what one of the well known leaders in the industry says. This is what
    Maryanne Myers thinks and says about.

    I think that this is the right thing to do, remove Paypal because sooner or later they will be back with the issue.

    I love LeadsLeap just the way it is, I view ads, I earn money, sometimes I do cahs out my credits, but most of the time I do use them to advertise my sites. I come here almost everyday and sometimes more than once.

    Payza is a good option, but there are others also, including cryptocurrency.

    God bless you

    Carlos Arguello (Arlequin)

  29. trevor brown

    Do not allow payment processors to rule the way your business runs. Members clearly like the way Leadsleap is currently running so let PayPal go. paypal having big problem with people money and business they is not the only ONE payment processors by paypal by, thank you.

  30. Taru Tiwari

    Thank you for sharing the information. I personally like to use paypal since it is effortless for me. I have used Payza in the past and still have an account with them so it is not a problem but my preference still remains paypal so I will wait for some new information instead of replace with payza.

    Good Luc.

  31. Rich @ Increase Blog Traffic

    Hey Kenneth, this is unfortunate that you are going through these PayPal issues. PayPal is so big and they do not always operate fair. Hopefully they will come to their senses and allow you to operate LL through them. Either way, the show must go on and you should hold tight to your business model if you really believe that you are going in the right direction with it. And from what I’ve seen I’m impressed and I do believe that you have something great and unique here.

    As a from safeguard payment processor issues, it’s always good to have multiple processors options available at all times. As far as Payza, I really never have used them but it’s an option and I guess they’re ok from what I’ve heard. And I understand that they now accept members from the U.S., correct? Also, perhaps you could offer direct bank deposit as another option.

  32. Hector Jayat

    Too bad, I cannot fund my payza account by now.

    I wil lgo from Pro to free again this coming Nov 24 th

    By the way I see no different from going from free to pro. Pretty low leads rate.

    I hope you can fix this paypal thing soon.

  33. Joe Sansoucie

    Payza stole over $200.00 from me when they went to court with the U.S.A and would not let me back into my account or send me my money and you want me to feel all warm and fuzzy because you are using them?

    Not going to happen, thanks anyway, guess I won’t be upgrading at Leadsleap even though I would love to do it now that I’ve used it for a while..

    Why not do like all other businesses do on and offline and use a real merchant account?

    Separates the boys from the men.

    Keeps the scammers away and rip offs away from people just trying to earn money using the web.

    You can pay people using something called “check” via “snail mail”. Or Fedex?

    On the plus side Paypal will see you are serious and may let you back in.

    But by the same token, who wants to do business with people who are not a bank, not Federally
    insured, and can make their own rules all the while taking a huge percentage of your income not to mention close you down and freeze your account when they feel like it?

    Plus, if you are qualified to use a merchant account, you are in fact not a scam because, you know…, there are laws both businesses must follow to be legal.

    Just my ten cents worth…

  34. Bill Darton

    As another member already mentioned, PayPal is going after all forms of advertising sites. Especially those sites who serve the Internet Marketing niche. The fact that you pay people to view ads is irrelevant to them and it seems as though they are leading you on by saying otherwise.

    These payment processors were only ever intended to serve the small/micro business. eBay sellers and others who wanted to sell on classified sites. It was a way for people to make transactions when they could not justify having their own merchant account.

    Personally I would like to see you keep LeadsLeap the same and get your own merchant account so you can accept Credit Card directly. And add the other merchant accounts as an alternative.

  35. Ricky Samson

    Agree. Best to get rid of Paypal. They have hurt many in the Rev Share industry as well.

    Here’s a suggestion – Since Bitcoin is clearly on the rise, why don’t you add the ability to get paid via Bitcoin to members’ wallets. Use as the Processor.

    This has worked for me and many others in other industries.


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