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Avoid Legit Online Jobs Scam

Have you come across a website called Legit Online Jobs? It is a scam or it’s for real?

Before I continue, I need to tell you that this is not a review site trying to lure you into reading this page and then convince you to buy Legit Online Jobs. I haven’t tried it and am in no position to say if it works or not. I’m just using this product for discussion purpose.

How to identify online scams?

In the past, it was pretty easy to identify scams. Scammers usually use beautiful stock photos for their testimonials. Their graphic editing skills are so poor that it is obvious that the earning proofs are doctored.

However, today’s scammers are smarter and they can produce fake testimonials and fake earnings like real!

The only way to decide whether a product is a scam is by studying its business model.

Below are some online business models typically used by scammers (or I should say opportunists).

1) Ponzi scheme

A Ponzi scheme usually takes money from you and promises that you will earn more later. The extra money paid to you usually comes from the subsequent members who join the scheme. This means new members are supporting old members.

For example, if a company promises that you will earn $500 every month and you only have to invest $10,000 one time, it’s obviously a scam.

Such a business model is not sustainable and the company will soon run out of cash. Yet, many people choose to believe in such a model.

Nowadays, there are many different forms of Ponzi scheme, from HYIP to paid autosurf programs.

Basically, when joining such programs, you have to ask yourself whether the business model is sustainable. If you can’t think of a logical reason why the business is sustainable, chances are it’s a scam.

2) Make money taking surveys

In this model, you buy an ebook that ask you to sign up many surveying companies. When you answer the surveys, you will make money.

This is not really a scam, unless the author uses fake earnings and fake testimonials. But it is definitely not the correct way to make serious income online.

3) Make money typing at home

In this model, you buy an ebook, in which you are given a list of companies and many sample ads. All you have to do is type the ads into Google Adwords campaigns and money will roll in.

Again, I can’t say that it’s a scam. But chances are you will lose money.

What you are doing is a form of affiliate marketing, where you advertise for companies and make a commission out of it. Affiliate marketing is definitely a legitimate online job but it is not as easy as typing a few sample ads and make money automatically.

4) Make money promoting the author’s ebook

In this model, you buy an ebook that teaches you how to promote that ebook. Usually, the author will include other information such as how to build and promote a website. But the main focus of the ebook is to promote the book itself.

A few years ago, there was a product called Ultimate Wealth Package. It uses such a business model and is now banned in Clickbank. Ultimate Wealth Package may be banned, but there are many other products with a similar model.

So Is Legit Online Jobs A Scam?

I need to be frank with you that I’ve seen my advertisers making money simply advertising this product, Legit Online Jobs. The salescopy is well written and there is no doubt that it’s pulling a lot of sales for its affiliates. Apart from that, I see some similarity between this product and the business models I’ve mentioned above.

I am not saying it’s a scam. As I said, I’m just using it as an example for discussion. In fact, I got to be fair and say that this website has been in operation since 2006 and it’s still doing well. You will be your best judge.

I know some of you may disagree with me. Go ahead and discuss your view on Legit Online Jobs, or any scam you have come across, in our comment section below.

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    Comment by Gap Marketing
    2008-09-20 01:27:31

    Yes I do agree that many of the scam program’s seem to revolve around job vacancies and survey sites. I would further advise people not to give personal information out in response to email requests, no matter how much they say You have won :-)
    Kindest Regards - Graham Price.

    Comment by Sonya Crowder
    2008-10-17 19:01:07

    I agree there are a lot of scams out there,at the same time some opportunities are real busines with real money. I have found real achieveable goals with only 2 companies. You must do some work.

    Comment by Lavinia
    2009-03-20 04:40:39

    Hello I read your comment on scams can you tell me what 2 companies you found were real? Please and thank you

    Comment by Chetna Garg
    2009-09-25 13:12:31

    Can you please let me know the sites which are really paying

    Comment by Kathryn Ligon
    2010-09-07 00:15:57

    Would you like to share the name of the two companies that are real businesses that offer good online work?

    Comment by Wise person
    2011-03-16 06:14:28

    Most people know it’s too good to be true and if you have to question it then there’s your answer. I wouldn’t believe any of these jackass’s that claim they have found some companies that work because if they were actual good people too then they would share the info with everybody. What would they have to lose by doing so, except advertising for their companies, not like you would be taking away from their money. If you people see other’s writing comment’s supporting these site’s then their most likely scammer’s too, duuuhhh… Trying to get you involved in more scam’s. Notice how when you ask those peopl where they are making their money they don’t respond back. It’s all about who you know not how hard you work. Sorry for venting but I feel bad for people like me and other’s who are honest hard worker’s and just want to live comfortable. If you agree then say hell ya:)

    Comment by Chantelle
    2011-04-27 20:30:33

    Hell Yeah!!!! You are 100% right - even when googling to find out if a company is a scam you find fake blogs from those who have been scammed/ run the scams themselves … and they try make out as if they have made thousands by sucking you in too!!! Just trying to get their own money back or make more. Sad but true …
    the world has become about screwing others to benefit. If you want to do survey’s online and make a tiny bit of money - join the Free one’s - then you don’t lose any money - just time.

    Comment by MarkToan
    2011-06-29 17:13:08

    I want to make money online work from home, but I do not know if a company actually paid for this job, you can advise her of the actual payments made ​​from the survey online. thanks

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by bevel
    2013-01-13 20:46:25

    I agree, the safest deals out here are likely the free ones or no riskers. I feel there are other legitimate companies out there but you will have to invest the time and do a thourough research. My heart goes out to the bundles of people searching for legitimate ventures online due to this economy. I found something legitimate, I love doing at no cost or risk. I will be the first to say, I can’t see getting rich over night but as with most; you will have to work it to make it work. Feel free to click on my id. It is an online jewelry boutique.

    Also, I am researching now “Project Payday”. Do you guys have any experience with this company? One last thing, I also use the site called “Rip Off Report” to see what others think. I google search for results but I’m careful and always on alert for the scammers. They really do tag their keywords to fool the innocent. Im learning lots by reading the posts of others…thanks guys.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Rose
    2011-10-05 06:40:08

    hell ya LOL
    These people are just out destroying the image of another company. Let those interested join the bandwagon, and take the risk. Who knows, it might be real, after all!! And the last laugh’s on them….
    so…..hell ya…

    Comment by MercuryM
    2011-07-25 00:30:10

    Hi Sonya. I am student and i want to earn online but i am really confused. I have read alot of reviews to find out a real online oppurtunity. There are sites which review a job as fake while others praise it. Help me out plz by guiding how to earn online legitmatly

    Comment by dinesh
    2013-02-25 14:50:45

    please send me the details of the two companies.

    Comment by micro-job site
    2013-02-20 21:18:19

    do you think that all the micro-job sites are scam?

    Comment by Thomas
    2008-09-20 02:10:55

    This is how i learned from my beginnings online Kenneth. Thanks for the considerations. Another scam would be a post or an email that shows you how to make 10.000 a month. Not so. Nobody can make that much a month, i dont care how much a guru you are it cant be done, perhaps a few thousand is more like it.Take it from a marketing affiliate guru himself.

    Comment by Ella
    2008-09-20 02:23:35

    It is very difficult for a beginner to differentiate between cleverly crafted promises and sound business opportunities. There is so much to learn and the supply of information is just overwhelming. People tend to go for easy solutions and I think this is the reason why survey sites, for instance, are so successful. On first glance this is easy to do.
    However, most of the survey sites - if not all of them… - are a waste of time.
    As with the other models, I would say, at least they provide you with material and infrastructure in order to learn about marketing, advertising, etc. and acquire some experience.
    Kind regards

    Comment by Tali bargains
    2008-09-20 03:33:24

    I have used a program like this before…in fact I think it was the same program but the graphics weren’t as good back then.
    It’s not really a scam site but introduces you to various facets of internet marketing and promotion. I basically joined up then cancelled and got my refund back in 3 days.

    2008-09-20 04:20:13

    I think everyone at one time or another has been takin in by one of those people.

    Comment by Kathy Baka
    2008-09-20 04:30:11

    I have been at this for some time now…I have come across lots of scams. I have also come across this one opportunity you have spoken of; but never took the plunge.

    I feel horrible, for all the positive businesses out there who pay the price for crap like that. I think we all just need to choose wisely and never stop learning from our mistakes.

    Kathy Baka

    Comment by Hortense Stewart
    2008-09-20 09:28:32

    I could not agree with you more Kathy. I personally think that the majority of new Networkers have been taken several times by these Scammers. I know when I came into Networking I was desperate to find a business that works and I was taken many times.

    I lost many hundreds of dollars in programs that did not last and many hundreds in buying leads that were not delivered.

    Does anyone know about this $6 Million program? I signed up for that paid my $6 and was never returned to Merchant. What’s with that? Do I call that a Scam. I never got the website and I lost my $6 although I thought at this point I had gotten smart, I was still taken by these swift Scammers. So beware!

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-09-20 09:37:37

    I would suggest that you try to contact their support. If they don’t reply the first time, contact again after a few days. At least give me some benefit of doubt.

    Comment by Michael Abbott
    2012-07-04 17:05:07

    Hi Kenneth. I did exactly that. I wrote to legit support and I did receive a reply. I agree with most of the above mails and feel treading carefully is it but lets face it, there’s nothing in life without risk but by taking a calculated risk can help. I have found there are two poles to avoid in life. The first is paranoia and the second naivety If we react to paranoia we never do anything with our lives and if we react to naivety we get caught by every scam going. Take the middle path. Investigate and proceed with caution.

    Comment by Najeeb
    2008-09-20 18:28:33

    I am new to internet money making business. Could you let me know some of the genuine sites where a little money could be made?

    Comment by Tim Millar
    2008-09-20 06:29:02

    It is a shame there are people out there trying to

    take the hard earned money away from good people, Is there not

    a way to police the Internet? Why can’t we put these thieves

    in jail where they belong! I personally have been taken 4

    times in the last eight months and am scared to even sign up

    for any programs anymore. Is there a solution to this ever

    growing problem?

    Tim Millar

    Comment by daniel
    2008-10-21 17:51:28

    There is a solution Tim! there are a many great money making programs out there, you just need to be careful! if a program offers you a full money back guarantee, that’s a good start! I myself have made some good and bad investments, but if your willing to put in a bit of effort and understand the bigger picture of how to make money on-line, you will soon earn as you wish. I invested with advise from Top5PremierSites. as they have the pick of the best on the market today! this sight has been a great help and there is a personal touch, as you can talk to the owner direct if your having any problems and they are very helpfull!!

    Comment by graham
    2008-12-02 16:02:56

    please send me info of these top 5 site you mentioned

    Comment by madhuri
    2009-10-06 18:07:44

    please send me these top 5 site you mentioned

    Comment by Sadie
    2010-10-25 22:21:57

    I tried to reach a site or .net and google said the domain has expired. Can you give the direct link to the site you are talking about? Or perhaps another that provides the same service? Thank you!!

    Comment by Enock
    2011-02-25 23:05:58

    Please send me the premiertop5 companies that I can invest in them.

    Comment by rekson sihombing
    2010-09-17 20:11:42

    this world has been very old, and there are so many opportunities and thiefs there,
    it s a very hard job to choose which one is scam or not
    but since we have been trying, investing and losing so many useless times in this unpredictable results, the fist one we must to know before joining is asking to the ones those had been experienced in this field.
    we dont see them real, so we must be very careful, I dont know if there is a rule that police can jail them, if there is, it would be better for us to report them, but in this world who cares?

    Comment by Bubba
    2011-04-21 04:32:41

    Check Out

    Some good (Legit) ideas and some good SCAM Alerts and updates!

    Comment by Doug Rodich
    2008-09-20 07:22:44

    Speaking of scams. I ordered a program called dataentrybucks. I had thought at the time, or what they led me to beleive is, all i would be doing is typing on line ads for various company’s. And i would be paid so much for every ad i posted for the company i would work for. Needless to say it wasn’t that way at all. After they took my money, they called me about a week later and told me i had to pay another 1200 dollars just to get started. Surprise!!!!….They would not refund my money at all. So please, do not order this bogus program. For what it’s worth to you. Kindest regards…..The Renegade….

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-09-20 09:32:20

    This sounds like the “typing at home”, business model 3, that I was talking about.

    Comment by Anita Scales
    2008-09-20 09:43:29


    Just wanted to warn everyone another thing to watch out for is these supposedly email blasters or submitters. I lost a lot of money signing up for these so call blasters and they all disappeared into cyberspace. When I complained I was labeled a spammer. I am not saying they all are worthless, just be careful and be sure you are getting what you paid for.


    Comment by Doug Rodich
    2008-09-20 09:44:39

    Kenneth, i have tried, and tried to get a hold of there support. And to no avail. They scammed me and that’s all there is to it. They did not tell me about the 1200 dollars or more i have to come up with. That wasn’t even mentioned at all. All they said was the 40 dollars was all i had to pay. But they sure got my 40 dollars. Now i know 40 dollars isn’t much, but still it hurt getting scammed. And the program was nothing what they said it was going to be. Kindest regards…The Renegade…

    Comment by Doug Rodich
    2008-09-21 10:02:14

    Hi, I was wondering if there’s anything out there that would actually pay somebody for writing actual everyday on the job experience’s? I used to be a over the road truck driver for more years than i care to count. And actually i have been around the world twice and charlotte, nc once. The people i have met, there way of living, and the country sides. Words don’t really describe it. I always wondered why people thinks it’s a big deal about going overseas for a vacation. Have they actually experienced there own country? I doubt it very seriously. They don’t know what there missing in there own back yard. For what’s it’s worth******The Renegade******

    Comment by Daniel
    2008-09-20 11:04:50

    Hi All,

    I just want to let you that we cant put all this people behind bar, nor could we stop them from emerging in our society. But what we can do is to guard our heart from all this.

    Proverbs 13:11 (New Living Translation)

    Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time.

    Comment by Rodney Allen
    2008-09-20 12:31:31


    Legit Online Jobs was formally Email Processing and is operated by the same people. Email Processing didn’t last that long and it would be a good guess that the same will happen with Legit Online Jobs.

    What you received from Email Processing was an E-book which list work at home jobs/businesses. You could check these Jobs/businesses out or promote the product,the E-book. Poor info, poor Business model and website.

    A Business model I would not invest in, if I was YOU! With that said, you have today been giving the inside exclusive about this Internet Business Model. I sincerely hope this assists you to arrive at an informed decision in regards Legit Online Jobs.

    Be inspired…

    Radical Rod’s Review

    Comment by rohan
    2010-11-14 22:35:17

    hi rod i came across legit online jobs website and had spoken to there support group and they said they were apart of a business called trust guard which verify they are a business. they sent me the link and sure enough they are listed with trust guarg and also assured me that they have an 8 week money back guarantee .im very couscous with business on the internet. do you have anymore info on legit online jobs? and do they sounds like a trust worthy business to you? thanks


    2008-09-20 12:36:07

    Just wondering if anyone else has been taken by personal business mentoring offered by big names in the internet marketing world? I have been approached by several of these after buying a product. One of them called me for the third time yesterday and was almost beligerent when I told him “no” we didn’t want to spend $7500 on his mentoring program. I finally had to hang up on him. Yikes, but this is from the voice of experience after having parted with several thousands of dollars on other types of mentoring programs. Just curious if anyone else has a comment on this.

    Comment by Jade
    2010-09-02 10:27:39

    Hi Sharon, i went through a very similar experience. I received a phone call from a man that was promoting the online mentoring program, and i’ll give him one thing..he was very persistant. I am not in a place where i have thousands of dollars to throw around. This man asked how much money i had in my savings account. I threw a number out there, also telling him that i was planning to go on a much needed vacation with my husband. He then proceeded to tell me that i should hold off on the vacation and use the money that i had saved to put into this company. I told him that that was not an option for me and he kept with it. I finally at the end told him that I would not be bullied into making that kind of decision, and i didn’t appreciate the fact that he was a complete stranger trying to push me into something i was unsure of. I then told him that he was terrible at his job. As a promoter of the business, he should be making people comfortable and confident. Instead he just made me so mad that i ended up hanging up on him too. So i feel for you. It’s hard to distinguish between what is for real and what isn’t. As for me, I am still looking. When and if i find something that works and actually does make money, I will me sure to spread the word! Regards

    Comment by Patrick Ryea
    2008-09-20 13:12:37

    I was just thinking of this fact of E-life a few days ago. Wondering to myself why somebody doesn’t write an honest article on not only the hazards of E-swindling but exactly how to avoid it. I know enough to check with RipOff Report, the Internet BBB, Alexa for ranking and longevity and what not, but some of these E-thieves are very good at what they do. You’re article, Kenneth, is a start but even it is a little to light on substance. It’s like you and the other experts are afraid of saying like it really is. You all know who a lot of the ripoffs are but everybody seems to just tip toe around it or just ignore it, leaving all of us entering into E-biz to fend for ourselvs.
    Obviously, we Newbies shoudn’t be the ones to do it because you never know if the info is from a disgruntled affiliate. Unless there is some legalities that prevent anyone from naming these E-theives, it seems to me that you all would be doing each other a favor knocking out these E-holes, it lessens your competition, right?

    Comment by Bill Masson
    2008-09-20 15:32:37

    100% agree with Patrick Ryea,

    I have been fortunate not to have been stung as yet, it’s hard for people who are new and especially desperate for wealth.
    But the top marketers do include a lot of solid advice through their emails once you subscribe.
    Overall i think the longer you are involved in Internet marketing the more knowledgeable you become, so it gets quite easy to spot what’s good and what’s bad.

    The trouble with writing a more elaborate article on scams is that people just don’t want to come forward and write about their own experiences, but i agree that the top Internet marketers should pay more attention to this subject.

    I have a cat for Scams on my blog, but there is only 3 posts thus far.

    Comment by annette
    2008-09-20 13:22:24

    i signed up for wow mails when i was really new looked good even upgraded to gold for about $60 australian.No record showed thaqt i had upgraded.after sending 5 e-mails to support no answer gave up and tried to unsubscribe they still send me e-mails to read which i delete.disgusted.I have people in downlines and always get back to them as soon as possible .

    Comment by Marion
    2008-09-20 15:04:18

    It was back about April last year when I began working online and Legit Online Jobs was a program that a real newbie like me was drawn to. However it was, to say the least, horrible. There were parts left out or just glossed over and in the end I just gave up. I also asked for a refund, several times - and you guessed it - never once was any request acknowledged. All I can say is, scam or not, stay clear of this program. Its so disappointing that I see banners etc still promoting it.


    Comment by Jacqueline
    2008-09-20 19:15:34


    When i began my internet business i joined hundreds of programs! Believe me .
    The reason i’am interested in leaving my comment today is to tell you about some programs you have to be aware of:Daily cash club 100%scam they took my money ,suggested a one time offer i spend 100+$ did not see any results and suddnely the site just disappeared.
    Survey Scout what a program… all the bonuses are links that did not work,thanks god i have got my money back.In fact there are a lot of programs today that we should not join especially those mentioned by Kenneth,we should not join any getting rich programs nobody will be rich over night we have to work hard,be patient and join the best affiliate programs .Last word learn from your M.I.S.T.A.K.E.S.
    By the way Legitonlinejobs is one of the first programs that i joined i did not ask for a refund because they have a huge library i learnt so many things from these ebooks that i’am giving away for free for my visitors.


    Comment by birdieb
    2008-12-03 20:38:16

    I can say DailyCashClub is not a scam. The website is still on. I joined in 2005 and until now I still making money from it. I love this programme very much.

    Comment by madhuri
    2009-10-06 18:12:27

    is it true?

    Comment by Aaron Young
    2008-09-20 15:33:47

    I also agree. I got hung up in one about an e-book about how to get out of speeding tickets. Thy drag you in but then you have o spend lots of $$$$ on trafficking!!! I gave up nthi one. It still exists, but I refuse to invest $$$$ in something that just goes nowhere!!!

    Comment by Jenny Ford
    2008-09-20 17:04:12

    If you buy a product from Clickbank, you can get a refund within 60 days, no questions asked - just contact Clickbank.

    If you didn’t buy from Clickbank, but you bought using your credit card, you can get a refund via the credit card company if the product is not delivered, or is not what was promised.

    If you paid via PayPal, you can also get your money back via PayPal if the product was not delivered or was not as promised.

    In fact, it’s really difficult to find a way to buy something online and NOT be able to get your money back.

    If you have an issue, speak to the seller of the product first. If they won’t give you satisfaction, complain to the payment processor, whether it is Clickbank, your credit card issuer, or PayPal. They are all super-sensitive to possible scams because they don’t want their names blackened, and they will help you sort it out.

    Jenny Ford

    Comment by Slavica
    2008-09-20 21:27:33

    I just intended to ask a question on Forum
    or similar place regards to Scam!
    What happens in my inbox is totaly Madness!
    I am bombarded from /i think they are called/
    That is Catastrophe!They fill my mail box merciless
    i cleared yesterday it in scam section./4000-5000mails
    only from them
    Is there internet police to stop such abuse of internet

    I don’t pay for sign up programs yet!Only affiliate programs and my Site and Blogs/writing,i realised a Ebook/

    Comment by daniel
    2009-02-25 19:36:21

    Hello Slavica
    i can understand the frustrations of trying to find good “work from home jobs” i have spent the past year reviewing many work programs on the net and you can now see the very best on the market today by looking up NO SCAMS, SMALL START UP FEE’S and MONEY BACK GARAUNTEE;S! you can find all you need with this review site
    good luck

    Comment by Sadie
    2010-10-25 22:36:56

    Please provide a link if you can. I keep running up against (domain expired) notices. Or another site that can provid the same service? Thank you!

    Comment by Patrick Ryea
    2008-09-21 00:11:38

    Thank you Jenny for your post. I should have realized that benefit of using PayPal, Clickbank or my credit card but forgot all about it. So, until someone comes up with something better or something to add, To protect yourself I advise you to check out any company you are thinking of doing business with RipOff Report, the Internet BBB And Alexa for their rank and history.
    And if they turn out to be scams and won’t answer your emails or what not, contact whichever service you used to Pay for their program. That should get you your money back. Also, do everybody a favor and report your negative experience to RipOff Report.
    Thanks everybody.
    Patrick Ryea

    Comment by Silvia
    2008-09-21 06:36:40

    I tried a legit online job a month ago, I paid for it. I didn’t know what means to entry data for companies and get paid for it. Very soon I understand that was just a marketing technique for selling some information that is free on the internet. This kind of websites are not really scams but a marketing strategies, and it’s a good one. I am not very angry of such programs, I just lost $27 and as a newbie in internet marketing I learn a lot form the resources I get form the e-book. Of course, now I know not to buy such e-books but then was somewhat useful.
    The programs that I am angry with are those which promote the e-book itself, like Kenneth said. Those are really SCAMS and I hate them especially because they use very good review site to promote it. So be aware of such review sites too.
    I find a program where it is free to join and you are paid for every signup. Go visit
    Good luck

    Silvia PLESA

    Comment by Stephen Banks
    2008-09-21 16:05:21

    it is annoying when people get pulled into something just to get ripped off.

    There are many businesses online that do help a lot of people make money. The best ones are the ones that don’t offer the user to make millions and state that you can make a good living, but you would like any business, have to put the time and efort into it.

    if you work hard and learn from the experienced people in the online business, you will within time do well. Sometimes you get rewarded for bringing in new people, but you must be aware of so called programs that this is the main way to make money.

    if an online business states you have to upgrade to make money, then delete it from your system, that for me is fraudalent, has income comes from activity and not paying for it. Okay, upgrading for additional services and enhancement benefits and services on top of what you will make as an un-upgraded person, then that is okay, as long as it gives you value for money.

    however, it must be possible, as a non upgraded member, to earn and progress financially through a company and earn a good income and be promoted to higher positions and levels within the business. Upgrading should not be a part of you being successful, your activity, time and dedication in the business should be. People shoeld be rewarded on merit, not what they can pay into the business.

    A steady and good Chain Of Management should be in place and access to get word to the top people in the company should be possible. it is however, that the higher you are in a company the busier you are and sometimes you can’t deviate from what you are working on, for the benefit of all members in the company.

    But a leader should make reservations to speak to everyone and through junior management arrange realtime discussions in chat like msn, yahoo and Skype in a conference setting where all and any member can throw questions to the senior managers and even to the top person.

    Making fluid communication within an organisation promotes a sense of family values with good communication between all. Friendship, respect, professionalabilty and good communication are some of the main things that make a good company and offering a good item, product or service that people can be proud of putting their name to.

    I hope the above helps you

    Steve Banks

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-09-22 09:25:54

    Well said, Steve. That’s inline with my view of a good program.


    Comment by Stephen Banks
    2008-09-22 18:41:55

    Thankyou Kenneth.

    It is nice to be appreciated.


    Do I actually know you from somewhere.

    If so mail us direct

    Steve Banks

    Comment by cecilia
    2008-09-23 23:34:25

    I find that all the programmes that offers easy way to earn money are scams be it blatant or subtle.
    The most outrageous are the paid to read emails that offers $200-$300 per email.
    Paid surveys will only send you surveys if you purchase something and most of them give you points or tokens which cannot be used outside USA
    Data entry requires you to sign up for a fee and after that nothing happens.
    So far I have not signed up for anything that requires me spending money and I always check their legitimacy before I sign up for free and if after a month I do not see any value I cancel. All that I lose is some time.
    There are lots of gurus out there and the majority are honest and willing to help us.

    There are 2 programmes that I have finally been able to make money without spending money are from Kenneth (leadsleap) and Joel Comm. Thank you guys

    Comment by hannah
    2008-09-24 04:50:10

    Hi Friends! I hope I am in the correct stop pertaining to all the comments made above. I can and do relate to ALL the stories above and I am also glad this information is HERE for ALL to LEARN from US! THE VICTIMS! The ONES that has experienced the TRUTH!! I am a older female and I have been scammmed since I been online! It has been several years now. Or shall I say I am still a newbie and I am a handicap female? Well, who cares, huh? The people doing it are called theives! Just like “off line” they are still theives!! They belong to Satan! They prey on the weak and easy! But wait! I tried to place a ad in a newspaper and they told me NO! I ask them why? They said “IT LOOK LIKE IT IS A SCAM AND WE WONT ACCEPT THEM IN OUR PAPER”! So now the main magazine that would increase my sales said no because they are seeing ME as the thief???? Thanks folks above for teaching me and OTHERS a valuable lesson before we venture into the unknown world of “THEIVES and LIARS” online!! Save your time and MONEY! May Yahshua bless all! hannah

    Comment by annette
    2008-09-26 20:09:48

    Thanks everyone for your comments since reading these I put in a complaint about wow mails gave them another chance first still no reply so now paypal has taken it up see what happens ethics .I have learnt if you consider signing up for something e-mail support first ask questions if they answer great if not be wary.and like cecilia says wait a while to see.I hate the thought though that some unethical ones have to make us cynical of the legit ones.

    Comment by Roland
    2008-09-28 16:05:24

    The internet business is a marketing jungle where the fittest survive! Newbies should always remember the ageold advice-Lazy Get-Rich-Quick schemes are always scams! Very few gurus do not exaggerate their claims and Kenneth is one of them!

    Comment by illlushtrator
    2008-09-28 18:08:11

    Speaking of surfing-based programs, do traffic surf websites such as TrafficSoldiers count as scam?

    Comment by ibuchanan
    2008-09-30 19:31:17

    I checked this legitjobs online thing and it really isn’t the worst scam out there, in fact i don’t really think its a scam at all, it’s just not as lucrative as it makes itself out to be. but at less than $50 you’re not really loosing money are you? to me thats £25 thats less than the price of a computer game, i blow £25 on rubbish that doesn’t offer an income, thats like, a buffet for 2! i say try it, if its truly a scam then you know for sure and you’ll not eat at the buffet this week, if not you’ve got at least some money in the bank to go to the buffet.

    Comment by johnallan
    2008-10-01 05:05:29

    Yes! Yes! There are many spammers in Internet marketing.Even spammers doesn’t have good website,content and view.I have come across lots of scams.I feel horrible, for all the positive businesses out there who pay the price for crap like that.

    Comment by Aaron Young
    2008-10-17 23:14:45

    Well, I have yet to see anyplace that does not require you to give money so you can ’supposedly’ make ‘TONS’ of cash per month. So, how do you know for sure its not a scam? I mean, the way you describe it, everything online that promises to make you money is a scam! The only places that DON’T ask for money are link exchanges and most surf sites.(at least the ones I use anyway!) So, please enlighten me. How can you SPECIFICALLY tell if it is a scam or not.

    Comment by Satya
    2008-11-09 23:04:14


    This is not a scam. But this is not for a newbie or a beginner. It will suck you. You have to compete with big PPC affiliate GURUS to make money in this.

    This program is called Google Adwords PPC wherein you will promote Clickbank/paydotcom/CJ online products through google adwords program. I am in this program and I have spent 1600$ or adwords and made 500$, There is loss of 1100$

    The Ad on the legitonline website is tricky. It cheats you.

    Dont get scammed. You will not make money as a newbie


    Comment by Andy
    2008-11-10 01:07:03

    Hey Silvia,

    I sent you an email regards If possible can you reply me back? Thank you silvia!


    Comment by Constance
    2008-11-20 10:46:05

    I just wanted to comment on an online scam that got me… It said that all you had to do was type surveys or ads for companies,and asked for a ONE TIME FEE!!! Wrong;none of it was true it just sent you to other web sites to try to sell stuff for other people. Actually sell stuff for people.! And on top of that it asked for a monthly fee after you paid your “ONE TIME FEE”. It wasn’t much money to start with but that wasn’t the point. So if anyone can clue me in on some real sites that you type or do surveys on please let me know. I know that you can’t make millions doing these things but I need some extra cash. Thanks for your time. :-)

    Comment by Daniel
    2008-11-20 14:47:34

    I can sympathise with your problems with some of the money making programs on the internet.
    I have spent a year searching for the best oppertunities and have now featured the top 5 sites on my webpage
    these sites all have a 90 day money back guarentee and they are the best programs around to date offering many oppertunities for all types of people looking to work on-line! good luck!
    kind regards

    Comment by Tammy
    2009-07-18 00:12:27

    Daniel -

    I tried clicking on your link for - but it just took me to another seach engine. Have you moved your page?

    Please e’mail me direct at tamgar1ATtelusDOTnet (replace AT and DOT with the proper symbols).


    Comment by Constance
    2008-11-20 11:05:25

    Has anyone heard of I was just wondering if it was a scam or not…AND also I was wondering if anyone has heard of Money Making Taking Surveys OR ? I have looked at these two sites,the last one sounds more promising,but have already lost money before. So,I am a little skeptical and thought I would ask before I did so. Please say something if you know anything about them good or bad. :-)

    Comment by Ella
    2008-11-20 18:25:16


    taking surveys is a waste of time in my view! It is fine if you want to get the odd coupon or gift and if you like to do this kind of work. But if you want to get a decent amount of money it is not worth the effort. It’s quite the opposite really - they make money off you!
    Best wishes

    Comment by prasant
    2008-12-03 15:59:19

    Thanks Kenneth for the post on “LEGIT ONLINE JOBS”.

    Undoubtedly this program sucks and I’m a victim. First program I purchased online in April 2008 while venturing into home-based biz/work at home. I paid about 49 or 50$ then but was totally ripped off. I was seriously contemplating to add them to negative list in a review site till I saw your post. As somebody has suggested to read it as “LEGIT(aka KICK-IT) ONLINE JOBS”. Except for Clickbank/Commission Junction enrolment, which in any case are freely available, all other avenues are bulshit and does not work. You are very correct in saying that its niche are “NEWBIES” whom it sucks and thrives through affiliates whom it offers 75% commission. I would rather request its affiliates whereever they are that please stop spreading this and please stop being incestous. I would also like to highlight that this guy Ross William at Legit Online Jobs after ripping-off the unsuspecting newbies, hands them over like a sacrificial lamb to another scamster called “Chris” at “YOURBIZ WEBSITES” who then sucks another $150 for 10 so called fast-track websites for a whole year. No support whatsoever from either of these guys to the newbies and the infant in the Newbie dies a premature death. I would request my fellow members at LEADSLEAP to help stop these scammers before they victimise more and more newbies who have flooded the net in view of the ongoing economic melt down and world-wide job cuts. Thanks and Regards.

    Comment by Tiong Ho Poh
    2008-12-24 09:55:05

    Beware before you dive

    When I joined Helium more than one year ago (2006), I read the agreement that whenever a reader reads any one of my articles, I would receive one cent. I have so far put up 104 articles and earned $15.42. But two months ago, Helium suddenly introduced a new rule, without the agreement from its writers, that only the writers who are awarded a star was allowed to continue receiving the one cent when a readers read their article. This was most unfair as from then on, Helium does not have to pay us anything.

    I would like to hear form others who are also writing for

    By introducing the Star Grading System, Helium does not have to pay a single cent anymore. Why should they? The Stars are in their hand. Who is there to confirm that a certain person reaches that Star Level?

    Sixteen of the people whom I introduced to write for Helium asked me why I was so sure that Helium would eventually pay me when I reach the target of USD $25.00. I had no answer. All these sixteen people were university degree holders. One Japanese engineer told me that by bringing a reader to Helium, we get only one cent and that was the cheapest labour on earth.

    Will readers with similar experience please response?

    2009-02-17 12:18:57

    Absolute scam. Reminds me of programs like Data Entry Pro and Ultimate Wealth Package that are now banned from Clickbank. Misleads people into signing up and totally different on the inside.

    I think Clickbank should get rid of these products and stop approving them.

    Comment by Brian
    2009-04-20 23:37:53

    I appears that I have joined an ever increasing club of people who, through no fault of their own want to earn an honest buck, either as a second income or as for the many comments I’ve read today, any income at all. I like many have already been burned just trying to get started. I never believed the stories that I read on a daily basis that I can earn $35.000 by next week, I have merely been looking for smaller sites with more realistic values. Sadly, I’ve not even found any of these that are not bogus. I’ve spent some money on some of the ‘usual faces’ only to crash when I’m asked for more money for more time wasting. I even had a couple of American guys call me during their lunch break, which was late evening for me to ask me for £10.000 in order to make me a millionaire. so when I told them I didn’t have that sort of money they called me a loser! I too paid for Ultimate Wealth Package, who failed to deliver anything to me, no product, no refund so I contacted Clickbank, but have not had a reply from them either. I don’t want to switch on my compter now.

    Comment by Shereen Galant
    2009-02-19 20:38:09

    I just signed up and paid r150 into the account of
    and since then i have heard nothing - I was told online support - but nothing i realise now i have been taken for a ride and I did not do proper investigations before paying in - OUT OF DESPERATENESS to save my house .

    now i’m sorry please please warn everyone you possibly can !!!!
    i will too

    Comment by Caroline Schukraft
    2009-02-25 15:26:57

    Dear Kenneth,

    After 8 months on the internet, I am still researching and learning. Most people are really trying to find a way to earn money from home. Some are in such a hurry they will beleive anything. I have to watch myself all the time. If you really want to earn, you must not allow yourself to be conditioned to beleive everything you read or see. And don’t invest a dime unless you have Contacted The Attorney General. I am serious.

    There are far to many promotions on line that are scams and half the people promoting do not even know they are promoting scams. It’s scarey. You not only have to be careful about what you are possibly loosing as far as money goes. But you also have to consider your reputation. Don’t get associated with just anything. Check it out seriously. Sure when surfing you are going to see so much. Just be careful. Be very very careful. There are good opprotunities and real businesses. You just have to do searches for them and then check them out to see if you are fit for it.

    I am still learning but I am not being taken anymore. And I will not be a taker either.

    Caroline Schukraft

    Comment by Slavica
    2009-02-25 19:08:44

    As everyone here i would like so much to start earning online and to make my living;to give a precious answer,how many of all possibilities i met, are scams or not,i am not able,because i didn’t invested since i quited my job soon i started more to explore the net.
    The only investment of mine was three years ago in 3ToBeFree,even i made $200 on the very start,but i couldn’t follow for lack of money to pay other part./i would like to know if they exist yet/

    The biggest scams are:pink, ,you know, it is about opening emails to read and get paid.

    I believe if somebody,even a notable INTERNET marketer offers his program by cost of $1000 i am suspect and you don’t need to opay for.

    Recently, i frequent visit Social network sites,especially Sta.rtUp.Biz,it seems to be a better way to start ,make a circle of people that you can trust in,and pick up ones that offer real quality.

    Comment by Caroline Schukraft
    2009-03-22 01:58:26


    Two Businesses so far I have found not to be scams are OBA, and STS. The first is a business, and the second is a way to help you pomote any business you are in. I have not Worked on My Instant Busniness as of yet. But I have heard it is exceptional. And to the best of my knowledge none of these are scams. They are legit. And if worked properly can earn you a great home income.


    Comment by Graham Price
    2009-03-22 03:14:11

    Hi folks - Graham Price here from the U.K.

    I have been working fultime online since 2006 and please believe me when I say:

    “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!”

    I said above that I have been “working” online and that is the key word but I had to learn that the hard way also :-(

    Kindest Regards - Graham Price CEO Gap Marketing Services.

    Comment by Andre
    2009-03-28 06:17:43

    Stay away you can invest in the product you do get alot of good information but within 1-2 days of the purchase someone will call you saying they work for a consultanting group they told me Integrity Group. The man was a juinor associate and had to qualify me to see if I could be approved to have my own personal mentor. They asked alot of questions to find your motivations, I believe how gullable you are and financial situatiuon. I mean they wanted me to use every last cent on my credit cards to invest in my mentor, can you say SCAM. Than his boss made contact because I made the 1% of people who make it to the seinor associate review. From first contact I had a bad feeling but was curious so I played along. The man asked if I would be willing to call my card companies right away and ask for a credit increase to get my “business up and running” and he would call back in an hour.
    I never answered the call back. I hope this helps this and hope that no one falls for this scam.

    Comment by mat
    2009-06-01 03:18:09

    it is not a scam i bought it and it has given me great infomation about how to get good online info. and i have made $33.30 out of and i only bought it about 3 hours ago .i bought it through a wierd url though, and it garenteed good infomation

    Comment by mike Jones
    2009-07-10 04:14:46

    This site is part of the scam.

    Comment by Dena Burch-Comstock
    2009-07-23 23:19:29

    I have been researching on-line business’ for a long time and every time I check one out, it’s a scam. I have just come across one called “SIX FIGURE YEARLY” but after reading all about what a scam legit online jobs is, I’m very skeptical of it because it’s being promoted by the same website as legit on line
    jobs. “HomeBizTop5″ Has anyone heard of this Six Figure Yearly?

    I would appreciate any information and thx everyone for the useful info I have read so far

    Comment by Tired of the Scams
    2009-08-26 10:52:40

    I’m tired of all the scams and loop holes these “businesses” use to get around being legit.

    I’m researched almost every link I’ve found on work at home jobs and everyone has lead to a “business” asking for money. Simply put, employers are the ones to pay, not the employees.

    Secondly, I’m upset with the people who claim to have finally found the legitimate companies but never share the information. How else are we supposed to find work if it’s not there to be found, which leads me to believe that these people are lying. I’ve searched BBB and have not found one legitimate work at home company.

    I’m losing hope that they exist. I have limited mobility and require a work from home job. If you can help, legitimately, please respond. Anyone.

    I heard of someone who used to sew buttons onto cardstock for stores. But now that seems to be an urban myth since I’m unable to find any employer remotely close to offering a proper job for a work at home person.

    Please help.

    2009-09-09 14:59:53

    Many of the scam program’s seem to revolve around job sites.It helps us to get more information about online .

    Comment by Charles brooks
    2009-12-14 19:21:06

    How To Make money with affiliate programs Today. Affiliate marketing is the easier and probably the most effective method to make money from the internet. It is basically, a kind of selling technique where potential buyers from your website are directed to the websites of sellers. For every click, the website owner gets a small commission.

    Comment by gullible
    2010-01-06 18:14:54

    this is some strange bull sh*t

    all these comments are fake

    go rob a bank

    Comment by myraf
    2010-03-10 00:58:56

    They are very good scammers, don’t make attempt, because of registration only, they scam my $62.97 in this 2010 February.
    This story of good paying website. The sit I trust:
    Jobs without Investment?
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    Thanks to
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    Comment by jackie
    2010-12-12 04:39:42

    Dear Sir,
    i visited the website which you’d mentionned is very good but when i visited the website and clicked the Data Entry Link they asked me to pay fees. Now as far as I’ve heard genuine sites don’t charge anything, so how does this site charge money if its genuine. Is it the right site.

    Comment by SHIRAZ
    2010-03-14 12:57:53

    pls suggest some genuine internet programmes. pls suggest some genuine money making internet progarmmes.

    Comment by Peter Jay
    2010-05-26 00:39:14

    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Comment by Eve
    2010-08-08 04:26:08

    It’s really sad how many people still fall for the old tricks scammers do. I think its because most of them are still hoping that there’s an easy way to earn lots of money without doing much work. But there are a lot of free and legit ways to earn money online and even get a real stable job. I’m currently earning through freelancing and try to share other legit ways to earn on my blog, hoping that more people could be aware of how they could also make money online without being scammed over and over again.

    Comment by Nishit Dave
    2010-09-23 03:33:34

    Hi All,

    I for now disagree with your thoughts about Legit Online Jobs. The website clearly states that it is not a get quick rich scheme. Moreover, the main program promoted by LOJ is Ad Cash System which is a simple typing and pasting job which consumes a lot of your time and it is tiring as well if you don’t wish to spend too much time in front of the computer. It requires hard work and people do make money including myself. None of the Make Money Online Programs will make you rich overnight. If they claim so, they are fake. If they show their massive clickbank earning, I would still consider it as fake because many use a clickbank java script to manipulate the earnings. If someone is manually showing you the video where the access their clickbank account and show profits, it is arguable as there is no guarantee whether the earning is from one programs or many of them.

    I will personally name some internet Gurus on whom I have wasted my money. I am from India and each dollar costs me 46 INR so when you are talking about $50, it is just $50 for you but for me its about Rs 2500 which is huge!

    Rob Benwell, Kieran Gill, Imran S, Mark Wright (All are B.S.). Their products and their video tutorial are worthless. They sell the same affiliate old school trick and give a new face to it. By saying that, just to make some extra bucks please do not promote products which don’t pay. You might make a lot of money but you are the one responsible for someone to loose his/her hard earned money.

    Hope this article helps. Join Legit Online Jobs but don’t hope to earn $1000 in a fortnight.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishit Dave

    Comment by juan jones
    2010-12-01 05:37:32

    Very important post. This is something always overlooked. Nice niche

    Comment by pandu
    2010-12-30 11:17:07

    Can you please let me know the sites which are really paying

    Comment by Dr.Tracy Chatman
    2011-01-03 11:19:46

    Thanks for connecting…In response to your recent post.. I have been with this company now since 2001 and have made alot of money. This Is not a get rich scheme also to help you with the program search on for free advise to also apply to what you have already learned.. Dont give up..

    Comment by Dr.Tracy Chatman
    2011-02-04 09:37:20

    I don’t see this as being a scam this business opportunity has been a great one for me.. It not a get rich scheme. Working on line take time most of all patience….


    Tracy Chatman

    Comment by Dave
    2011-02-16 14:02:35

    What can i say by reading all comments here is…

    No one said that he or she really earn by joining “Legit Online Jobs”. I guess majority tells the truth.

    If you read this page, absolutely you are not innocent anymore, so do it at your own risk.

    Comment by mody
    2011-02-17 10:01:40

    so from all your comments we can said that legit online jobs is not real

    Comment by ALEX
    2011-02-22 01:03:35

    Hi, also want to try legitonlinejob but i worry they are scam because i have previous experiance. Now i have good home bussiness you can see proof at my site

    2011-03-26 02:26:46

    Essential post. That is one thing at all times overlooked. Nice niche
    Aishwarya Rai Hot

    Comment by Dan
    2011-06-12 11:13:30

    I used to do many online jobs, but it’s kinda hard to start without the required skills. I just found another easy way to start online home business. This is easy and fun. We just need to watch ads for about 10 minutes per day. Its FREE and no skill required. Try it first because ‘nothing to lose’.

    Here is the link:

    This is a good online home business over time. But remember, we can’t succeed in any online home business without hard work and don’t ever give up. Hopefully this is helpful for you guys. Thanks!

    Comment by malu
    2011-06-23 00:47:50


    Can anybody tell me which site is good to earn money working at home through online.

    Comment by Mayer
    2011-07-07 15:32:30

    Anything that asks money is a scam. Especially those who offer many enticements that seem too good to be true. Some offer even $35-50 per hour.

    The first place I got an legitimate online job is in odesk. There are actually other outsourcing site aside from odesk like elance and freelancer.

    Comment by star
    2011-07-19 00:17:17

    I too got tired of putting money in programs and not earning a dime . So I feel what you guys are saying . Please feel free
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    Comment by just12way
    2011-09-29 11:13:48

    Most of the online jobs are scam ,it’s true .but also there have some legitimate online jobs source .So I agree with author.

    Comment by amor
    2012-05-08 23:53:00

    We really need to be careful on online jobs. One thing we have to put in mind, that we don’t need to pay to get an online job. Good thing I got a legit online job at Its worth checking.

    2012-08-31 01:11:03

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