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A Discussion On LeadsLeap Widget

One of the most common suggestions we’ve received from our members is to create a widget that members can put on their websites and earn credits from.

The most typical suggestion was to display PRO members’ ads in the widget and when visitors on your blog/website click on the ads, you earn credits.

The idea is similar to the “once-popular” BlogRush widget shown on the right.

PRO members get more traffic. You earn more credits to show your ad.

Sounds good?

I don’t think so.

My main concern is, who is going to click those ads?

My Experience From Adsense Marketing

In Adsense, any experienced marketer will advice you to remove the frame from your Adsense ad and make your ad blend-in with the rest of the contents. That’s the least you need to do to improve the click-through.

If you want a sample of what I mean, take a look at all the LeadsLeap contextual ads in this blog, yes, the blog you’re reading now. You don’t see me putting a frame around the ads, do you?

If we were to create an ad widget similar to BlogRush widget, I can imagine the click-through will be low!

If the click-through is low, you don’t earn much credit. It defeats the purpose of putting a widget on your website.

A Good Suggestion From A Member

While I was still cracking my mind for a solution, I received another suggestion from our member, Marty L. (Marty, a big thank you to you!)

Here’s what he wrote to me:

“Perhaps a widget linking to the viral blog. The member who posts the widget on their site connects to their LeadsLeap blog.”

That is a great idea.

As you know, LeadsLeap blog is a viral blog. You can earn credits, build leads and make money simply by sending people to the blog. It makes sense to have a widget that enhances this feature.

Can’t wait to see how your LeadsLeap widget will look like? Here’s a working sample:

When your visitors see your LeadsLeap widget, they know that you are recommending them to a blog post. They will be more willing to click through your widget and read the post.

As they click, you earn credits.

As they click and join LeadsLeap, you build your network.

As they click and buy any of our product, you make money.

As they click and subsequently click on other members’ ads, you earn more credits.

Last but not least, as they click and read our blog post, they will benefit from the contents and thank you for recommending the post to them.

With LeadsLeap widget, you can now earn credits without having to click on ads.

LeadsLeap widget is now ready. It comes in 9 different colors. Click here to get your customized widget now (login needed).

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    Comment by Janet Legere
    2009-02-20 23:35:20

    I can’t wait until this is ready. This widget adds increased value to an already extremely valuable system.

    Bring it on!

    Thanks Kenneth ;-)

    Janet Legere
    List Building Expert

    Comment by Chad Flick
    2009-02-21 00:41:18

    Hey Kenneth,
    What a flippin great idea, I can’t wait, I will definitely give the widget top placement priority. As usual the ideas at LeadsLeap just keep coming and coming. :-)

    Comment by Joe Golson
    2009-02-21 01:20:46

    I like the widget idea - it looks great,can,t wait
    til its ready.

    All the best ,
    Joe Golson

    2009-02-21 02:25:35

    I use quite a few widgets in all my blogs for tracking, ads and visitor stats, so this will be a great bonus!
    Keep up the great tools Kenneth!

    P.S. If you need any other tools, you are more than welcome to take a look at and use the Coupon Code:


    for an instant 20% discount on anything listed. Just input the code in the box in Step 2 and click update to see it reflected.

    Comment by Alfonso Ruiz
    2009-02-21 02:35:50

    Thanks Kenneth this what I being waiting for, please hurry! can’t wait :)

    Comment by Jason Doidge
    2009-02-21 03:19:01

    Wow Kenneth,

    What an awsome idea!

    You really do keep comming up with great innovative ways to help any internet marketer increase there business, even if you are a begginer or seasonal pro.

    I cant wait to get hold of the widget, and keep up the fantastic work matey

    Be Lucky Jack Sparrow

    Comment by Erica
    2009-02-21 06:48:11

    Hello Kenneth, Great idea. I’m looking forward to using the widget. Keep em coming! Erica

    Comment by Tracy Wheeler
    2009-02-21 08:17:08

    Fantastic idea Kenneth! I can’t wait to try this out. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Charlie Paule
    2009-02-21 08:48:36

    I can’t wait to have LeadsLeap widget on my sites!

    Thanks also to Marty L. for his suggestion!

    Comment by Martin Lauritsen
    2009-02-22 20:14:28

    Great to see more value continues to be added for LeadsLeap members.
    Kenneth, you continue to show your openness to member suggestions, demonstrating your professional attitude and leadership in your business ventures.
    This is truly one of the best run internet marketing / advertising programs around.
    I would also like to thank you for giving me a mention in this blog post, much appreciated.
    If there are any members out there who have ideas and suggestions don’t be shy to put them forward, Kenneth Koh listens, implements and acknowledges, you really can’t beat that!

    Marty L

    Comment by Widi
    2009-02-23 12:51:26

    Hi Kenneth,

    I will wait your widget, it’s good idea because my visitor can see what happen right now in leadsleap ad.

    Good work, like dealdotcom widget.


    Comment by Mr World Economist
    2009-02-23 22:31:29

    This is a great idea. If it works, why not try!

    Comment by Bill Masson
    2009-02-24 01:07:28

    It would be better if you had more editing choices to include more sizes & colours. Its a great concept, but its nothing new and if you already have other widgets on your site this kinda of gets lost in the mix. I am undecided whether to include it, I already have the CB ad rotator along with various other widgets.

    I will give it a miss for now, see what the feedback is in the near future. Please do another post about this widget once you have some stats.

    Comment by Tony Gibson
    2009-02-24 07:00:46

    Kenneth does it again!

    Another excellent idea added to this excellent service.

    Thanks, Tony Gibson
    Twitter Me

    Comment by proson
    2009-02-26 00:59:54

    Well, Kenneth, blogrush was a failure, John Reese no longer invest in the service any longer. The widget you says may product some viral effect with traffic and referrals but how well is it, not a clue.

    so good luck with it

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-02-26 09:15:26

    Indeed, it was. That’s why I do not believe in showing ads in our widget. Rather, we decide to show our blog posts, which add more values to visitors who are always looking for more information. It’s all about creating values.
    If the widget can help our members to generate more credits on autopilot, half of my objective is achieved. How well the traffic converts is another issue we’ve to look into.

    Comment by Chad Flick
    2009-02-26 01:16:47

    Hey Ken,
    Well since adding the widget to my blog, I’ve recieved 58 credits within that 1st day. Now I know that may not sound like much to some but I didn’t have to put any extra effort into it AT ALL. That should be a HINT! :-)

    Comment by alx
    2009-02-26 01:17:37


    cool widget. can this be implemented on Squidoo lenses without a problem?



    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-02-26 09:05:52

    Based on my last understanding, Squidoo doesn’t allow javascript to be added. Anyone knows otherwise? Share it with us.

    Comment by Pete Balasch Jr
    2009-02-26 06:21:21

    This is your best Idea Yet I think this will be awesome.

    Comment by Warren Contreras
    2009-02-26 07:10:58

    I have added the widget to my YuwieScam website and would like to make a coupld of suggestions. Maybe the width could be an input durring the generation process and it would be great to have a way we could see how many clicks we are generating.

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-02-26 09:03:07

    1) We are working on two more width, 160 and 250 pixels. Will be ready soon.
    2) Tracking feature may be added in the future. Give me some time to think about it.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Comment by Sean Grimes
    2009-02-26 09:18:56

    I was wondering when you would implement something like this, but I never asked. This is definitely one of the reasons why I’m glad to be a member with Leadsleap.

    Comment by Builder99
    2009-02-26 09:19:38

    thanks Kenneth for this new widget.

    I assume we are allowed to put it on more than one of our websites? or even allowed to put it on more than one page of the same website?

    really like the idea that it links to worthwhile content. Thanks Kenneth for taking the high road. Hope the tracking feature becomes available.

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-02-27 09:57:31

    Yes. There is no limit.

    Comment by Joy
    2009-02-26 09:29:26

    What I really liked was that it was so easy to implement! I’m a little “technically challenged” so implementing these things takes me forever, usually. But the LeadsLeap widget worked a dream, and when I did have a question, Kenneth was quick to offer help.

    Great - thanks.


    Comment by Niranjan Ranade
    2009-02-26 10:18:02

    Thanks for the powerful Viral advertising tool - Widget.
    I will be adding it to all my websites and blogs very soon.
    I am confident that this new service will increase traffic for all of us :)

    Comment by Rich
    2009-02-26 10:33:45

    I’m just wondering will this help with trackback/pingback
    if installed on a blog?

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-02-27 10:00:47

    I don’t think so. For trackback, you’ll have to link from within your blog post.

    Comment by Gator
    2009-02-26 10:34:56

    Awesome that you created a widget for the LeadLeap Blog.
    I have been successfully using other widgets on my site and now I feel like the site is complete with your widget.
    Thanks for another great tool for earning credits and gaining referrals. I have 3 new members just in two days after placing the widget on our site.

    Great things from great minds!

    Comment by Daniel
    2009-02-26 13:25:26

    Please remember to make it so I can size it to fit with my sites’ layout. OTHERWISE, it is a great idea.

    Comment by Dennis
    2009-02-26 16:30:49

    I love the new widget, it blends right in with my wordpress blog, I actually placed it above my own blog archives, great job to the designer(s)

    Comment by mohd abzel
    2009-02-26 19:22:23

    its never to late to learn for more knowledge

    Comment by Diane
    2009-02-28 07:25:49

    I would love to know how I can incorporate into the existing script to put it on the right. If anyone knows how please post to let me know how. In html


    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    Comment by Lena Khalid
    2009-03-14 00:05:07

    Hi Kenneth,

    Very nice viral widget ! Already installed on my blogs and it looks awesome.

    Lena Khalid

    Comment by Ronnie Jones
    2009-12-01 02:05:19

    Thanks alot Kenneth for the widjet.i have it on 2 of my blogs but i dont know how to change the color,Please help! i have twenty blogs i want to place the widget on.

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-12-01 22:57:13

    You can change the color of the widget using the widget set up form in your members area.

    Comment by Try Malaysian Food
    2009-12-03 19:25:52

    I have put a widget in each of my blogs. Then my members join under me are growing everyday. A simple way to increase my downlines….

    2013-10-28 19:59:34

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    issue. I like all the points you made.

    Comment by Mateus
    2014-03-04 02:52:41

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    Comment by Shayna
    2014-06-06 04:40:25

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    more on this subject, it might not be a taboo matter but
    typically people do not discuss these subjects.
    To the next! Kind regards!!

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