2018 Upgrades In Our Popup Generator


During the past few months, we have re-studied our system, gone through every tool and set out a list to improve everyone of them. In the next few months, you will see updates after updates being rolled out.

The first upgrade in the list is our popup generator, the PopupXpert.

Here are some of the exciting improvements we’ve made:

1) Responsive Popups

With many websites using responsive designs, having a responsive popup is necessary. Frankly this feature is overdue.

Finally we’ve made the popups responsive.

This means your popups will now automatically scale to fit different browser sizes.

This feature applies to both popups and inline widget, such as end-of-post opt-in forms or sidebar opt-in forms. This is a good news for those of you with a responsive WordPress blog.

You may ask, “Do I need to update my popups/inline widgets?”

Nope. Your old popups or inline widgets will become responsive automatically.

2) More Templates To Choose From

We’ve expanded the popup templates and categorized them based on their types (lightbox, slidebar, cornerblock and inline).

It is now much easier and clearer for you to choose a popup type and template that suits your need.

3) More Button Functions

Previously, you can only add one button, which is only meant to submit the opt-in form.

Now, you can add more buttons if you want, and use them for the following purposes:

– submit the form
– close the popup
– go to a url
– open a new window and go to a url

For example, you can create popups like this one…

4) Transparency Support

The PopupXpert now supports color transparency.

You can add transparency to

– background color
– text color
– images.

It’s time to let your creative juice flow!

5) Auto Resize Of Base Dimension

Base dimension is an important parameter in PopupXpert because it determines how the popup is centered.

For example, during the design process, you may creatively position an image or any other element outside the original base dimension. Changing the base dimension had been a pain in the past because you often had to realign all the elements.

Now, this is done automatically with a click!

After designing the popup, simply click ‘Auto adjust base dimension‘. The base will automatically be resized with all the elements inside it.

If you intentionally want to make the popup off-center, you can do it manually. Otherwise, there is no need to do anything once you auto adjust the base dimension.

6) A More Intuitive Popup Creator

If you have used the popup creator in the past, you may find the new creator somewhat different.

We have made subtle changes in the layout and user interface, which I believe will make the creator more user-friendly and intuitive.

If you experience any issue with your old popup with the new creator, contact me via our support ticket. You know I’m always here to assist you.

What Next…

Following these changes, we are now ready for something interesting.

We are going to integrate the PopupXpert and The Real Tracker!

When that is done, you will be able to show your own popup on any tracked link. If you haven’t realized its potential, that means you can basically tap into other people’s work to build your own list!

For now, give the new PopupXpert a try and let me know what you think. Thanks!

You can now insert screenshot in to the system tickets


Just a quick update today.

We’ve just added a ‘paste image’ feature in our support ticket system.

From now on, if you experience any issue in the system, just take a screenshot, highlight the issue, then copy and paste into the support ticket.

There is no need to save screenshot. Just copy and paste!

Take a look at the demo below and see how easy it is.

If you are wondering what screen capture software we use in the above demo, it is called TinyTake.

I like this screen capture because I can easily add arrow and texts. And it’s free.

Thanks all for today. :)

Important Change In LeadsLeap Ad Format


I’m sure you have noticed that the online advertising landscape has changed. In the past, Google’s contextual advertising was touted to be The Way to advertise.

But now, not quite so.

Companies like Outbrain and Taboola have come out with a new ad format that combines image and text ad. The industry calls it Native Advertising.

Here is a comparison between Contextual Advertising and Native Advertising.

As you can see, a contextual ad is just text. A Native ad includes image and text.

It has the best of both worlds!

The image will quickly capture readers’ attention while the ad text provides more info about what the ad is about and gives the final push to click.

The good news is, LeadsLeap is moving into the Native Advertising format.

If you login to your member’s area now, you will notice a few setup pages have been changed.

Below are some important changes:

1) Image is now compulsory for ads

From now on, Credit and Pro Ads must be set up with an image.

Not just any image or your avatar, but an image that is relevant to your ad, and preferably one that can arouse people’s curiosity to click!

It can be an earning screenshot, a proof of what you promote works, or perhaps a photo of yours showing how you work from home, provided it is relevant.

2) Profile image will be limited to just one

Previously, we allow members to add several profile images and optionally use those images for their ads as well as profile photo.

But since the image requirement for the new ad format is different, there is no longer a need to have so many profile images.

If you go to your profile setup page now, you will see only 1 image left, which is your profile photo . Other images are not available any more.

(We still keep those images for a limited time. If you need those images for any reason, please contact our support immediately. Otherwise, they will be removed from the system after 60 days.)

3) Downline message image will be your profile photo automatically

Well, the title says it all… Downline message image will be your profile photo automatically.

Have you set a separate image for your downline message, it will be switched to your profile photo.

Basically we have separated profile image from ad image. They are no longer interchangeable under the new system.

Your profile image, the one that you set up in your profile page, will be shown in your Profile Summary, Downline Message and Social Review. Ads will have their own image.

4) A new image uploader

We have replaced the old image uploader with a new one.

The new uploader has the following benefits:

  • It is mobile friendly.
    Yes, you can upload image from your mobile devices now, a feature several members have been asking.
  • It supports copy and paste.
    You can upload a screenshot by simply copy and paste!

Take a look at the animated demo below to see its copy and paste function.

(This demo repeats automatically.)

The copy and paste function will be handy when you set up an ad. You can simply take a screenshot and use it as the ad image.

What You Need To Do Now

As soon as possible, please go to your Credit Ads and Pro Ads setup page, and add an image for your ad.

You may also want to adjust your ad text to make it relevant to the image. Our reviewer has been instructed to reject ads with irrelevant image.

Also, we’ve made some changes to the ad type. If you are advertising a blog, you may want to select the ‘blog’ ad type.

For Pro Members, if you happen to see that an image has been added for your ad, that’s because we have added it for you. If it is not something that you like, just replace it.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who have set up several profile images for the ads. I’m sorry that you have to do it again. But please, do not use the same profile image for your ads now. With a bigger ad image, your image can be more interesting and telling!

That’s all for now.

Today marks the start of a series of system updates. In the next few weeks, you will see more and more improvements happening. Stay tuned…

New Feature: Free Autoresponder To Build Your Own List


When using the PopupXpert to capture leads, one common question that members ask is “Where can I see the opt-in contacts?”.

Our answer had been “You need to link the popup with your own autoresponder”.

That was when these members frown, because they didn’t have an autoresponder and were not ready to pay a monthly fee for one.

Then one member feedbacked to me that all he needed was a simple way to capture leads and requested that we provide this service.

After much consideration, we decided to add an autoresponder into our system.

How To Use Our Autoresponder System

Step 1 – Create a list

First, go to ‘My List‘ and click ‘Add a new list’.

Step 2 – Set up the Autoresponder

When someone opts-in to your list, our system will automatically send an autoresponder to this person.

If you provide an opt-in offer, you can use this autoresponder to deliver the offer.

Otherwise, you can write a simple welcome message.

It is a must to set up the autoresponder, otherwise, the double opt-in function will be disabled.

To set up the autoresponder, simply click the button shown below and fill up the details.

It is important to note that you must enter a valid and reachable email address for the autoresponder so that you can be contacted.

Step 3 – Set up the Mass Mailer (Optional)

This is an optional step.

If you want broadcast emails to the list, you’ll have to set up the SMTP mailer.

SMTP is a mailing feature provided by most web hosting companies. It allows you to send emails via your own domain.

To set up the SMTP, click Button 1 shown below. You may have to contact your hosting support for the correct parameters to enter.

Once you do that, you will be able to broadcast emails to your list. To broadcast an email, click Button 2.

Warning: Gmail provides free SMTP service, but it is against their terms to use it for mass mailing. It’s best not to use Gmail SMTP for this purpose.

Some companies offer free smtp service. Simply google ‘free smtp’ and you’ll find plenty. What is important is check their terms. Some of them do not allow email sending in the IM niche.

Step 4 – Capture Leads

To capture leads, you need to use the PopupXpert to create an opt-in form.

For those who are new to the PopupXpert, it is a powerful widget creator that you can use to create both onpage widget as well as different kinds of popups.

To link the popup to your list, you simply have to click on ‘Opt-in Form Settings‘.

Select ‘Internal List‘ and click ‘Get List ID‘.

Click on the list that you want to link to and click Save.

That’s it.

When people opt-in, the system will automatically verify their email addresses and send them the autoresponder message.

If you have set up the SMTP, you can send broadcast emails to them. Otherwise, you can contact them one by one, since you now have their email addresses.

Its Limitation

The autoresponder doesn’t come with automatic follow-up feature, i.e. you cannot set up a series of follow-up emails. If you want to do that, you’ll have to use a professional autoresponder service or use our OTO List Builder script.

Although the autoresponder system is not comparable to professional autoresponder systems, it is a free and neat alternative for budding netrepreneurs.

Give it a try. I hope you’ll like it.

Check Out The New Social Review Directory


We have been working on an improved Social Review directory, where you can easily search for the reviews that you want.

Finally, it’s done. You can check it out here > Social Review Directory

These are some of the new features:

1. Simply Type And Search

Simply enter the domain name of the program you want to research and read the reviews.

If there is no review for the program, it will display ‘No Review Found.’

2. Search By Category

If you do not have a specific program in mind but only want to look for something that works, you can do a search by category.

We have manually categorized the reviews based on the niche they are in.

For example, if you are looking for a marketing system to promote your business, simply click the ‘Marketing System’ category. You will see all the reviewed programs and their ratings.

3. Featured Reviews

We ditched the old table-style Featured Review and replace it with a cool (I thought it is cool) box as shown below.

These featured reviews will be shown in the homepage of the Social Review directory as well as the Members Dashboard.

Whose reviews will be featured?

Pro Members’ Reviews with a score of 4 and above will be featured.

What is ‘score’? How does it work?

Reviews are given a score from 1 to 5.

We rate reviews based on the insights they provide and how recent they are updated.

This means a well written review may get a high score initially, but will lose its score over time until they are updated again. We create this system to ensure that featured reviews are insightful and recent.

How will I know if my review is featured?

If your review is featured, it will say ‘Featured‘ next to the Score of the review (see the arrow below).

If you have a review that is featured, I suggest that you keep on updating the review at least once every two months.

If you have a review that is not featured, i.e. the score is less than 4, you can improve the score by updating your experience with the program. The more personal experiences you share (both good and bad), the better the score.

Moving Forward…

We believe that Social Review has a lot of potential. We are already seeing it ranking well in many keywords in Google. Search Engine traffic has been growing consistently.

As you know, we rotate your affiliate link if you submit a review. It’s a great way to get signups to the programs/services that you believe in.

If you haven’t submitted a review, please do so. If not, you are missing out a lot of good leads, especially after all the improvements that we’ve done.

But please do not hastily submit brief and useless reviews, or standard reviews copied from somewhere else. They will be rejected sooner or later.

Unlike an ad, the lifespan of a review is forever. It’s worth your time to write a good review and reap lifelong benefits.