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Finding free MLM leads or business opportunity leads remains one of the challenges among internet marketers. And LeadsLeap is set out to help you on that.

For those who don’t know, LeadsLeap is a free leads generation system that allows you to build leads and advertise for free in our network.

If you are a LeadsLeap member, have you ever wondered, who is clicking your ad?

In our blog discussion today, I’m going to bring you to our back-office and show you some statistic of the leads that we send to you.

We did a similar study back in July but over the past 5 months, we’ve grown and it’s time to revisit the stats again.

What you are seeing above is a screenshot of one of the tables in our database. This table records the number of clicks received from a particular userid and IP address.

Of course, this screenshot doesn’t show all the records. I just want to give you an idea of how I gather my stats.

For rows with a userid, it means the click is either by a LeadsLeap member or someone referred by the member. For rows without a userid, it means the click is from a non-member.

When I sum up the results over 24 hours, this is what I get:

Members Referred Clicks = 3074
Non-members Clicks = 7368

Total number of clicks received = 10442

From this study, we can make the following conclusion:

1) LeadsLeap generates about 10,000 leads for our members everyday.
2) 70% of the leads are non-members from different IP addresses.

Compared to our statistic in July, the number of non-member clicks have jumped by 300%!!

If you are a LeadsLeap member, this is a good news to you because you get to share the leads that we bring to you.

If you are not a LeadsLeap member yet, and are looking for free MLM leads or business opportunity leads, join us now and start posting your ad in our network today!

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    Comment by Work From Home Tips
    2008-12-05 18:38:09

    Wow Kenneth!

    A 300% increase in non-member hits is pretty impressive.

    I am going to Stumble this post right now and spread the word.

    Comment by Malaysian Economist
    2009-03-05 09:28:06

    This is a very good sign for internet marketer! As an Malaysian economist, I use Leadsleap to update the world about Malaysian economy.

    Comment by Anderson
    2014-01-05 21:06:31

    This is an informative and useful blog. I’m sure that this album is great!.

    Comment by Mike Anderson
    2014-01-24 00:04:41

    This is an excellent post on MLM Leads. I learned a lot about what you talking about. Not sure if I agree with you completely though.

    2013-08-15 01:27:41

    I don’t trust MLM anymore a lot of them are scammer, sometimes they don’t pay your cuts. Or they keep brainwasing you to sell their product

    Comment by gamis modern
    2013-12-10 20:05:14

    I ‘d mention that most of us visitors are really endowed to exist in a fabulous place with very many wonderful individuals with very helpful things.

    Comment by Niranjan Ranade
    2008-12-05 20:45:56

    That’s nice to know! This proves that LeadsLeap is an amazing service with great value for it’s users. I have been inviting my optin-list members to signup at LeadsLeap & will continue to do so in the future :)

    Comment by Dean Hohn
    2008-12-05 20:49:58

    Hi Kenneth,

    Impressive results! I will stumble to my list and lets see if we can get some results!

    Dean Hohn

    Comment by Rashmi
    2008-12-05 22:54:43

    Hello Kenneth,

    This is simply amazing.I am absolutely convinced that Leadsleap is one of the best & most unique lead generation & advertising resource, that’s a must for every internet marketer, irrespective of the kind of online business he/she is in.

    Comment by Warren Contreras
    2008-12-05 22:55:09

    I get people every once in a while that visit me on Skype and tell me they found my website on Leads Leap.

    Comment by kim
    2008-12-05 22:59:17

    I’ve been using leadsleap for years with great results,I’ll continue using and hope to be bring many more people into my business with it!

    Comment by Saviour ELLUL
    2008-12-06 00:08:59


    Keep up the good work. It is a pleasure working with you.

    Comment by Arbie Peacock
    2008-12-06 00:22:37

    I have learned a lot reading your material. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by James Byrd
    2008-12-06 00:49:55

    Hi Kenneth,
    Thanks for your info and details you wrote on ping backs! All your posts are great that i have read so far. Keep up the outstanding work.

    james byrd

    2008-12-06 01:35:02

    That is very interesting and great news! I’ve gotten many leads for my business through leadsleap in the short time I’ve been a member. You always offer such good advice and value through Leadsleap! Thank you so much.

    Comment by Ella
    2008-12-06 02:36:58

    Reading your posts is always a pleasure and the content very useful!
    Thank you.

    Comment by Jeffery Chenault
    2008-12-06 03:05:57

    Wow. Now gain free secrets to build unbelievable traffic.
    Just think how fast your income will increase having the knowledge only a few professionals will share with you.
    Always remember this for a fact everything comes down to your ability to generate traffic to your website period.

    Comment by Jawed Iqbal
    2008-12-06 07:40:53

    This looks interesting, but 10,000 leads per day?? I guess i’ll have to try it to believe it. where do i sign up?

    Eye Earn

    Comment by Greg
    2008-12-06 07:46:02


    Very impressive results indeed.

    LeadsLeap has been giving me similar excellent results also.

    You’re providing a great program and your blog posts are always a good read.


    Comment by Rob Watson
    2008-12-06 08:35:14

    The process of posting on the Leads Leap Blog can have instant and long lasting results.

    I have monitored the results of posting my owen replies see…
    and all posts have had a significant impact.

    I highly recommend it.
    Rob Watson

    Comment by Wong Tooi Giap
    2008-12-06 14:42:57

    10,000 leads per day to read your ads.That is fantastic !
    I am a Pro member of LeadsLeap and I get 500 impressions per month.


    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-12-07 00:11:03

    Just want to clarify that our stats show that we now deliver about 10,000 leads everyday to our members in total, not each of our member.

    Comment by Lea Charlton
    2008-12-11 06:23:28

    This is awesome news. Leadsleap has been a very effective system for everyone I know. Thanks!

    Comment by Jim Edwards
    2008-12-12 09:47:58

    Great post. Thanks for publicizing your stats. This is precisely the power of good SEO-based internet marketing. Once you get beyond a certain threshold, the ‘value’ of your site starts growing exponentially - at least in the eyes of the search engines - and the traffic starts pouring in.

    Most people - whether in MLM or not - quit too soon. They build a website and start driving traffic. They make some early progress but don’t get the HUGE numbers they were hoping for. Then, frustrated, they quit. But if they just would’ve hung on for a few more months, the big numbers would’ve come their way!

    I’ve been working with an explosive opportunity a few months ago and it’s really refreshing because the demand (in the health and fitness space) is so high that selling is pretty easy. But the power in our program is in the internet marketing support area. We are building huge momentum by leveraging today’s social internet.

    At the end of the day, it’s the TEAM that makes the difference. If you’re looking for a new program that’s way ahead of the curve from an internet marketing perspective, click on my name to watch a video with all the details. We need your help. Check it out.

    Comment by Shadie
    2008-12-15 09:15:45

    Associating with you creates a great opportunity to build a healthy list. I hope I shall benefit from this and continue to stick around with you.



    Comment by Bo Tipton
    2008-12-16 02:11:44

    Okay I am convinced and will go over and use it to see what happens. I especially like the idea of not getting a ton of emails in your inbox and instead getting content that you can use.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

    Comment by Tony Gibson
    2009-02-24 06:53:58

    I’ve been using Leadsleap for sometime now and I’ve lost count of the amount of leads it has generated for my business.

    This better, by far, than tose non-responsive, time wasting traffic exchanges.

    Sorry Kenneth, can’t believe I just compared it to a traffic exchange!

    To your success,
    Tony Gibson
    Twitter Me

    2009-05-11 21:42:37

    I agree with the comment above about SEO. You have to be patient with any income opportunity but if you put in enough work your success will come and in the case of SEO its a very passive, almost effortless success.

    Comment by Frances
    2009-07-09 10:14:57

    I just cane across this site - is there a cost to join?

    Comment by Marcy
    2009-08-02 01:42:14

    WOW! 300% in such a short amount of time? That’s amazing! Awesome job! :D

    Comment by ricky
    2009-08-10 14:32:32

    Your conclusion seenms to be a good suggestion.

    Comment by dave
    2009-09-19 01:18:33

    I need a phone number to speak to someone regarding lead generation.

    Comment by geoie
    2009-09-27 12:56:40

    This is all new to me. I am excited to find so many tools to try. I am interested in finding what is going to work for me the best and what really generates the most bottom line results.

    I plan to have my efforts pay off. I have no problem working hard. When I do, I would like to see results. In this case. Money. So I am interested in seeing LOTS of MONEY.

    Looking for results
    Georg E
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    Comment by Madison
    2009-09-30 08:39:36

    Georg, If you want LOTS of MONEY, I’m looking for smart people who want more money than they can possibly spend!

    Best of luck!

    2009-11-09 09:27:23

    It is true? Can we generate more traffic or leads by joining leadsleap network?

    Please, explain us more. Thanks.

    Comment by Fred
    2009-11-16 06:07:17

    Wow! How amazing! Thanks for educating us on how the numbers all add up!

    Comment by carlos
    2009-11-28 19:55:28

    This is good information over all. Very good article writer, Very well explain easy to understand.

    Comment by Keyword Spy
    2009-11-29 02:46:52

    Sometime we have to work smart…try to copy and what others do especially who are successful in this online business.

    Comment by Wayne
    2009-12-10 22:03:47

    It is refreshing to subscribe to a list and not find external spam sent to the inbox. Apparently Kenneth is diligent in blocking the parasites.

    The enemy has been discovered and it is I. I am constantly reminding my self to be consistent and persistent. The rabbit and the turtle story. Consistently slow is better than erratic fast.

    2010-01-03 13:45:58

    sounds very promisin, I’ll try to use your free mlm advertising now, thank you!

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    Comment by Nick Ames
    2010-03-02 05:22:21

    This sounds really cool.

    It’s great to see everyones interest, but yes it is a little scary to take the plunge.
    That’s why most of the big names in marketing don’t lead with their primary product or service.
    It’s more comfortable to test the water with no real financial commitment and then when you know how to do something, you feel more confident about commiting to really making it work.

    Lots of good feedback here which is nice.

    Warmest regards,


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    2010-08-23 00:05:09

    I’m a new leadsleap member and I’m glad I tried to post ads for 14 days free. Let’s see how it will add to my traffic.

    2010-10-13 14:36:01

    This is one of the best cooperative network to get lots of traffic to gain prominence and more income.

    Comment by Lester Diaz
    2011-01-12 01:53:13

    Wow, amazing results, converting leads is one of the toughest things to do as a network marketer.

    Lester Diaz

    Comment by Be Your Own Boss
    2011-01-13 12:37:16

    Glad to have found this site. It looks like it will be helpful.

    2011-02-24 16:31:14

    How much do you charge per ad? Do I have to join in order to see the pricing package? Currently looking for a new ad source and would like to check out this service, it seems really good according to the chart you showed!

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2011-03-01 20:41:06

    Basic advertising is free, just join as a member. There is a PRO version to get more traffic if you want.


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